rticle Review Article Review Name : Marsha Nadila Student Number: 0806356502 Faculty & Class : FIB, kelas gabungan 4 1. Title of the Article : Taking Responsibility 2. Author(s): Patrick Gutensperger 3. Explain in two or three sentences why you have chosen this article. I choose this article, because the title of this article in interested. I am curious about taking responsibility of global warming. 4. Explain briefly in four or five sentences what the article is about.

Everyone living has the responsibility of the planet earth’s condition. Industries in our planet can be divided into two kinds, such as : renewable resources industries and nonrenewable resources industries. For those who make their living from theoretically renewable resources, the responsibility attached to their action is clear: ensure that the resource is actually renewed and have to minimize the devastation they cause.

The final category is nonrenewable resource based industries has an even more compelling and specialized obligation. Those industries have a moral duty to develop alternatives to replace the resources they are exploiting. To disregard them and continue our use of and dependence upon fossil fuels, which are killing the planet, is a fairly serviceable definition of insanity. 5. What is the writer’s message or purpose in writing this article.?

The writer wants to tell the readers to taking responsibility for what their have done to this earth and obligation to protect the earth. 6. Give your personal comment on the article as a conclusion of your article review. In my opinion, as human we have to keep our earth clean and not to exploiting the resources of earth excessive. We have to take responsibility for what we have done, because the earth is only one. If we do not the earth, then who else will be responsible. So, keep clean our earth.!!

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