Argument essay BY TtawnaRable23 Argument: Audience Analysis In this essay I tried to give more insight as to the reasons why Cigaretts should be illegal and be banned from even being sold.

I give examples and true statistics on how cigarettes are harming the air, polluting it and the harms it has on your body and the long term affects it can have on not Just your body but your mental state. I did research on the amount of people smoking cigarettes and how it affects not only he person smoking but the people or nature around.I put the cigarettes and a drug that is banned, marijuana, now by each other and broke down the differences. Through the comparisons my intentions were explain how cigarettes are still legal even while killing off thousands of people each year while marijuana is used to deal with depression and sometimes prescribed by doctors for uses of depression and to increase vision. However marijuana is not legal and if it’s not legal why should cigarettes be.

An argument saying that the government has not fgured out how to put a tax on cigarettes is not a great point either. “After using comparisons I use statistics to get my argument across. I also showed the ways that cigarette and tobacco companies sale their products. I use examples varying from using flavored Tabaco and cigarettes to using certain areas consumed of poverty and Job areas to get to the more stressed out people and even how the aim at out new generation by putting the cigarettes my appealing to the sight and smell.