Approaching a big, tall, crooked, black house on an old street, Sally and Mrs. Chipley walked together in the rain. Mrs. Chipley not giving up her furious pace and Sally, not that far behind. The rain was coming down in sheets now. The streets were slippery and the pouring rain stung their eyes. Sally’s red hair was now drenched. The house now bigger than it appeared to be before looked black as the night sky. The metallic door knob was calling Sally in but she didn’t feel the least bit brave. “Bye, Sally, be good, go on, walk in.” Mrs. Chipley exasperated. “Please Mrs. Chipley don’t make me go in.” Sally whimpered. “Your parents will be here in a week!” Mrs. Chipley said looking down at her watch, “I’m getting soaked here!”Sally’s hands shook as she put down her red suitcase and slowly opened the door. Every wall of the room was painted black. The piercing sound of the old tea kettle on the stove. The musty feel the room gave off. “Hello,” came a voice from behind the big black couch, “You must be Sally come in child come in.””H-H-Hi,” Sally whispered, slowly walking to the couch dragging her suitcase behind her, “Are you Aunt Sarah?”The small skinny lady dressed in all black sitting on the big black couch said “Yes, yes why I am. Follow me to your room. And give me that suitcase NOW!They walked up a spiral staircase, down a hall and passed another staircase that was dark and cold. Aunt Sarah stopped at a room. “Hope you like it,” Aunt Sarah mumbled, “You will be spending most of your time up here.”The room was a small with a tough bed and a shaggy rug that was covered in dust. There was a small wardrobe and a bedside table. But there was only one light. “Uhh it’s nice,” Sally lied. “Put your stuff away and come down for dinner make it snappy,” Aunt Sarah sibilated as she threw the red suitcase into the room. SLAM! The door closed. Sally walked down the hallway and stopped at the other staircase. It was almost calling her. Thunderstruck, BOOM! She ran down the hall and down the spiral staircase.”Uh- Aunt Sarah… Why are you selling the house?” Sally, gulped”Too big, too old, and too wet. Anyway, why would you want to know? Aunt Sarah said through a mouthful of horrible food. Sally babbled “Just wondering. Do you have any animals?””Why in fact I do, Shadow my cat.” Aunt Sarah said pointing to an old cat that was black as charcoal. “Stop asking questions you are not my paparazzi. If you want to know, something explore it yourself.”Aunt Sarah snapped. “But- But I just want to know where the stairs go!” Sally screeched.”They are none of your concern go upstairs NOW!” Aunt Sarah screams.Sally ran up the old crooked stairs and down the hall. She stopped at the doorway the cat was blocking her. HISS! Sally ran the other way and stopped again at the attic. She ran up the damp stairs as fast as she could. Aunt Sarah stood in front of the old creaky doorway with her hands on her hips. “I told you to go to your room!” Aunt Sarah commanded,”I said go to your room now!”Sally ignored her aunt and walked over to the old dusty window of the attic of the tall black house. “You can see the whole town from here! Well you could if not for the rain,” Sally marveled.”You will not be seeing the town anymore, for you will only see the pages of this book!” Sally swirled in the air as she got sucked into the book as if she got caught into a tornado. “AHHHHHH!” “Now what to tell your parents?” Aunt Sarah queried. Inside the book, it was dark and cold. A gold glowing figure stood as if she was writing the old dusty book. “Who are you?” The gold figure asked, “You must be new, right? Oh no did you get sucked in too?””I am Sally. I am confused who are you and why am I here?””Your aunt, she holds magic. Magic that is too powerful for her to handle. I tried to stop her when I was a kid. I am Elizabeth, and I can help you get out, but I cannot get out myself.”


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