Applying connection to my aspirations to design and

Applying to UAL for the Industrial Design course is a natural progression with a direct connection to my aspirations to design and make things, which began in my childhood. This passion for creative problem solving and craft, through design, began by manifesting itself in my outdoor exploits as a child. I spent much of my time building tree houses and skate ramps with my brother, tinkering in the garage fabricating a petrol scooter using old lawnmower engines and making long-bows and swords from the Yew tree in the garden and steel pipe (inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy). I also had a fascination with comic books and I would spend hours copying the drawings in some of my favourite comics. I came to appreciate some fundamental skills; not only drawing and painting but, provocative storytelling and the intricacies of suspending a person’s disbelief and bringing them inside these new ideas.The creative curiosity and skill set I honed outside my academic studies were influential in my approach and decision to pursue a future in design.I have had the opportunity and freedom to experiment and explore my ideas during my time at the University of the West of England, where I have also been able to expand and develop my visual communication and technical skills. I want to continue scrutinising and refining my design approach throughout this UAL Industrial Design course and create things that are relevant and identify with the end user.

 After attending the open day earlier this month, I felt inspired and loved the atmosphere. The possibility of working in a multi-disciplinary creative environment with a diverse range of students and staff, collaborating externally whilst interning in London, is an exciting prospect.During my third year, I took the opportunity to intern for Bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture in Putney, London. I have always considered myself to be more of a generalist in design and I intentionally sought an interior design focused role.

 Working for an interior kitchen design company has taught me the valuable skills of working to a client brief and tight deadlines whilst being exposed to the business side of the industry. However, it made me realise that I would prefer to work in a less restrictive creative environment and that by doing a Masters I would have more opportunities available to me.Since watching a TEDtalk with designer and architect Neri Oxman, I’ve become fascinated with the way digital technologies can interact with the biological world. I want to explore ways to create new forms and structures by utilising design principles inspired by nature, to enhance the relationship between the built and natural environment.The MUKU project, exhibited in my portfolio, is a direct expression of this newly found interest and explores the relationship between the biological process of breathing and stress reduction.