Apple, Inc

Apple Computers Inc. has made its mark in the industry by creating innovative products which continues to redefine the design of computers. In the past there have been companies who have failed to succeed at trying to replicate Apple’s design. In this report, we will identify examples of the good and the bad of business practices. This report will analyze the case of Apple Inc. and provide a SWOT analysis which will identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

After the SWOT nalysis is reviewed, a strategy would be proposed to take advantage of Apple’s vulnerabilities and help increase the companys market share. Finally, the strategies would be used to interpret how the idea will be implemented along with potential ramifications that may result from the strategic implementation and feedback mechanisms would be used to evaluate the success and failures of the strategic implementation. Apple Computer, Inc. has been captivating the personal computer Industry for years.

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Apple was founded In 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who were both college dropouts (Funding Universe, n. ). Apple has achieved great success over the years. In order for any company to succeed, they have to understand how the environment Is changing around them. Not only would they have to think about the Internal Issues but also the external Issues. The trends In the computer and electronic Industries are changing with time. Companies have to know how to survive the changing around them In order to keep them current.