Apart from machinery for cleaning
installations and industrial machinery, accessories such as those that we can
find at home but adapted to industrial cleaning are needed so that
professionals can carry out their work with the appropriate articles.

•    Coils of paper for industrial cleaning.

•    Industrial cleaning items such as buckets,
dustpan, mops or mops.

•    Containers and litter bins for waste

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•    Industrial cleaning buckets.

•    Suitable clothing for professionals, it is
essential that safety standards are met so that workers do not suffer any
accidents when using industrial cleaning products.

Industrial Cleaning Products

Although you have to take into
account the type of machinery that makes up the industry, the following
products are usually used by industrial cleaning companies:

•    Scrubbers and polishes.

•    Strippers

•    Dry foam for carpets and upholstery.

•    Degreasers

•    Detergents

•    Bleaching products.

•    Softeners

The most important in industrial

Industrial machinery

We have a specific motor for each
job, and we use specific products for each machine in such a way that the
cleaning service is optimal.

Cleaning schedules

The production depends directly
on the machines, and that is why in all cases the cleaning schedules must be
adapted to the moments of standstill or less activity so that cleaning them
does not interfere in the regular business of the company. . That is why in
detail the industrial cleaning services with the  industrial cleaning services with the company
in question for a more efficient and better service.

Budget And Technical, Economic

Our company will send a
consultant specialized in industrial cleaning for the advice and sharing of
both corporations concerning methodologies, personnel, specialists, schedules,
etc. to provide a technical-economic study that adapts perfectly to the needs
of the business.

If you have any doubts about the
cleaning system of industrial facilities of our professionals do not hesitate
to contact a specialist and us will respond to what you need regarding cleaning
staff, casualties, social security, holidays, occupational risk prevention,
salary costs, absenteeism or any other issue of transcendence.

Benefits of Cleaning Industry

The cleaning and disinfection
industry is crucial to ensure both comfort and confidence establishment
employees and consumers of products and services. However, to carry out
adequate sanitation, it is essential to use detergent and degreasing products
of excellent quality. Distribuidora GB offers the best compounds that guarantee
wetting, penetration, dispersion, and suspension.

More and more companies are
investing in the implementation of Safety and Hygiene programs, providing
quality and safety to their customers and workers. Unlike traditional cleaning,
in industrial environments, the type of sanitation depends on the products that
are manufactured or the services they provide. It is advisable first to carry
out an in-depth cleaning of the dirt (what is seen and what is invisible to the
eyes) and subsequent disinfection.

The main benefits offered by
industrial cleaning are the health care of employees, as well as the protection
of machinery and parts used, optimizing their use and avoiding premature wear.
Another favorable consequence lies in the excellent work environment that is
generated from the processes that release odors and protect against possible

Also, the useful application of
these programs directly generates a reduction in labor risks, which
automatically reduces operating costs due to injuries, fires, and property
damage, increasing the company’s profits. For its part, the final consumer also
values hygiene during the production processes, betting and believing in the

The detergent and degreasing
products acquired a fundamental role in the industries when replacing the soap
since, unlike this one, they manage to act in hard waters. The place where all
the cleaning products are stored must be adequately conditioned to avoid damage
to the substances and reduction of their effectiveness. On the other hand, e
recommends working with the body of the company at all levels to train it on
hygiene measures that facilitate the sanitation process.





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Our goal is to achieve the levels
of cleanliness that guarantee the healthy development of the productive process
and the safety of the facilities and the people who work in them.


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