In the story A and P Sammy quits his job to rebel against what is expected of him from his parents and his boss. Sammy quits showing he has power to make his own decisions and it’s an attempt to impress a girl who walked into the store. Sammy is unconsciously rebelling against society as a whole because he was promoting the Queenie showing off her body in the store.The enemy in this story is Sammy’s manager who embarrasses the girls by telling them the way they are dressed is inappropriate for the store. Queenie is the one in this story who is being oppressed because she isn’t being allowed to do what she wants, Sammy is not only standing up for the girl, he is also standing up for how he feels about the stores rules.

In this story Updike is referring to the phenomena of sexual attraction between men and women. Sammy is sexually attracted to Queenie and attempts to show that he is a rebel and is standing up for her be quitting his job. The connection between sexual attraction, a chain grocery store, and a rebel without a cause is Sammy was sexually attracted to Queenie when she walked into the grocery store and for little to reason Sammy quits his job for the girl to impress her.Sammy quits because he wants to impress the girl he saw in the store. He isn’t very sad about it yet, because the full extent of what he did hadn’t sunk in yet.

The world is going to be more difficult because his parents are going to be disappointed in him and he doesn’t have a job. When Sammy figures out what he did I’m sure he is going to greatly regret it.In this story there are tensions between the Queenie and the manager, Sammy and Queenie, and Sammy and the manager. A and P is a grocery store that is ran pretty strictly by Sammy’s manager. By the sound of it there is a very high work ethic and the rules are followed very closely.