Any delegate from the immigration department can decline

Any individual who applies for or holds an Australian visa must fulfill the ‘character test’ characterized in the Migration Act (ordinarily this is everyone in Australia aside from the individuals who hold Australian citizenship status). The delegate from the immigration department can decline or wipe out any visa on the premise that the individual does not pass the ‘character test’.


A man may not finish the character test for an assortment of reasons set out in the Act, which incorporate (however are not restricted to) –

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•                having a “considerable criminal record”


•                being a part or connected with an association associated with being engaged with criminal direct (for instance, being an individual from a fugitive bike club)


•                being sensibly associated with inclusion in individuals carrying, individuals trafficking, genocide, atrocity, violations against humankind and other related exercises (regardless of whether a conviction was recorded)


•                displaying past or exhibit criminal or general lead which recommends they are not of good character


•                being indicted sexually-based offenses including a tyke, and


•                there being a hazard that the individual may take part in criminal direct.