Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia is an American Associate Justice in the United States Supreme Court. He was appointed by President Ronald Regan in September 26, 1986 and preceded by William Rehnquist. He also sits as the longest serving justice on the court. Justice Scalia is well known for his dissents, where he uses a colorful style of writing when opposing his colleagues. Antonin Scalia was born on March 11, 1936 in Trenton, New Jersey. He was the only child to Parents Salvatore Eugene and Catherine Scalia. His father Eugene was born in Italy and worked as a Professor in Roman Languages at Brooklyn College.

Antonin’s Mother was born in the United States and was a daughter of Italian Immigrant parents. She worked as an elementary school teacher. Growing up, Justice Scalia exceeded in all school academics. At the age of 6, Justice Scalia’s parents moved to Elmhurst Queens, New York. His parents pushed him to exceed in all of his school work and they never used Italian Language in the home. In a 60 minutes interview with Ruth Streeter, Scalia remembers his grades as an elementary student as always being an “A” student.

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When they visit his elementary school, they are surprised to find that the records office still held on to his grade records; and his memory proved to be true. After the Completion of his 8th Grade year, Antonin was awarded a scholarship to Xavier High School, which is a Military Catholic and Jesuit School in Manhattan. He graduated first in his class with summa cum laude. At Xavier his catholic faith was deepened, and he thought about becoming a priest, but in the end he decided that God was not calling him.

After graduation he was rejected from Princeton University, which was his first college choice, so he enrolled into Georgetown University and graduated with his B. A in history in 1957. Justice Scalia was very ambitious, while studying at Georgetown he also studied at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and then he went on to Harvard Law School to study Law; There he became a Notes editor for the Harvard Law Review. Three years later in 1960, Justice Scalia graduated from Harvard, then becoming a Sheldon Fellow of Harvard University.

Among other accomplishments, Justice Scalia was very determined in his school work and it showed throughout the years during college. He says in his interview with 60 minutes that his parents always taught him to work hard for anything that he wanted, and he had the mentality that anything that he does always has to be with his best efforts. That same year in September of 1960, Justice Scalia married Maureen McCarthy, who was an undergraduate at Radcliffe College. She and Justice Scalia had nine children, five boys and four girls; and a grandfather to 30 grandchildren.

In 1961, Justice Scalia began his career working at Jones Day, an International Law firm which was founded in Cleveland, Ohio; where he worked for 7 years. From then, he moved on to becoming a professor of Law at the University of Virginia from1967-1971 and then at the University of Chicago from 1977 to 1982. In 1971, Justice Scalia was appointed to the Office of Telecommunications Policy by President Ronald Regan, where he worked to formulate federal policy for the growth of cable television.

A year later he became Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States, where he was responsible for enforcing standards and safety and to oversee the use of pubic goods, regulates commerce, they also sought out to improve the function of the federal bureaucracy, and imposing supervision and oversight for the benefit of the whole of society. This was during the time of the Nixon and Ford Administration. In 1974, President Nixon nominated Justice Scalia as Assistant Attorney General for the office of Legal Counsel.

He assisted the attorney general in offering the President and Executive branch agencies legal advice. When President Gerald Ford came into office, they continued with the nomination and Justice Scalia was confirmed by the Senate once again on August 22, 1974. On August 17, 1982 Justice Scalia was nominated by President Regan to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of the Columbia Circuit. He served for four years in the U. S. Court of Appeals before being nominated to the United States Supreme Court.

This nomination was brought about by President Ronald Regan when Justice William Rehnquist moved up to the position of Chief Justice. Justice Scalia was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is a committee of 18 members of the United States Senate. Their jobs consist of conducting hearings before the Senate votes on the confirmation of federal judges, which also includes the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices; Justice Scalia was confirmed by the members and took his seat on September 26, 1986.