Anthropomorphism is famous throughout the work of Animal Farm. The famous last lines of animal farm tie in the entire novel and reveal the horrors that have taken place. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which” (Orwell 141), is comparing both of these characters together. This is only significant if the reader understands the characteristics of pigs. Orwell uses various incidents throughout the book to show how a pig behaves and treats others. Humans within the book are seen as selfish, uncaring human beings that use animals for the benefit of themselves. However, the author at the end of the novel shows how these two are similar.  He shows pigs are capable of these self absorbed actions or personalities, meaning that the pigs themselves are seen as only caring for themselves. However why choose a pig over a dog, cat or fish? This can be explained by understanding pigs. Pigs can weigh up to about a thousand pounds. This is excessive especially when pigs are not very tall or wide. Pigs are omnivores meaning they eat both plants and animals, consuming large volumes.The reason behind why pigs eat a lot of food is because  regular meals cannot be assured in the wild. People connect these voracious eaters with the characteristics of being greedy and selfish. For example, on the Buddhist Wheel of Existence, a black pig represents negative traits such as self-indulgence. Also religions such as Judaism, and Islam believe pigs are dirty, therefore are forbidden to consume.  However pigs are misrepresented. The Porcine species lacks sweat glands, which inhibits ability to cool their body, and with sparse hair, sunburn easily. It is for these specific issues pigs seek cool muddy ground and cover their backs for protection.  Scientists have listed pigs in the top five as the most intelligent animals (National Geographic Society). Yet, because of their stereotypes and well known representation, Orwell decides to use this to his advantage. “The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others. “With their superior knowledge it was only natural that they should assume the leadership”(Orwell 27-28), is cleverly used to show how the pigs outsmarted and manipulated others. Here it is evident that the author chose the pig based on its characteristics. This is fundamental since the theme of deception and betrayal is constantly seen throughout the book. Another example where the pigs reinforce the theme of deception can be seen through, “Squealer, temporarily stunned, was sprawling beside it, and near at hand there lay a lantern, a paintbrush, and an overturned pot of white paint (Orwell 108).” Here the Squealer, one of the farm Pigs, is altering the farm rules in the pigs favor. The pigs use their insight and knowledge to trick the other farm animals with hidden intentions to use them, much like the humans were described early in the novel. Orwell revels these themes throughout the novel by using various animals to demonstrate deception.


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