Answer 1:


On account of a Monopoly, the little yield is
delivered by the sole dealer. Then again, with regards to the yield of
monopolistic rivalry yield shifts as far as item separation and offering costs.


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On account of restraining infrastructure, the higher
cost is available that implies higher than the aggressive costs. In this
situation, the cost is more noteworthy than Marginal Revenue

 (MR =MC)


Then again, the cost is most astounding on the grounds
that separation and offering cost of an item is added to the item.


An imposing business model has no opposition and in
this manner ready to control supply, and also cost though on account of a
monopolistic rivalry it contains a blend of restraining infrastructure and

Answer 2 :  Value segregation happens when an alternate
cost is charged by the firm to an alternate customer assemble for a similar
decent or benefit and the reasons are not tuned in to the cost of supply


Value segregation can happen when:

• The firm is a value creator – it is
imperative that the firm works in defective rivalry and ought to be a value
producer with a request bend that is inclining descending.

Individual market – it is vital that the business sectors must be isolated and
the resale must be forestalled. For instance when a voyager purchases tickets
at a markdown.

Organization cost ought to be low – the
organization cost ought to be shoddy with the goal that the business sectors are
isolated and value separation happens.

3: The
Kinked demand curve model considers that the business will confront a twofold
request bend for the item it has under its thought on the response by different
firms to the varieties that are caused by the cost or different factors. The
principle presumption lies in the way that under an oligopoly, firm is hoping
to protect, and keep up the offer in the market and the rival in the market are
not liable to coordinate the augmentation in cost but rather coordinate a fall
in the cost.

4: The
three types of capabilities are as follows:

Valuable – a
capability should be valuable; it enables the firm to establish strategies that
enable capitalization of opportunities and remove threats

Difficult to imitate
– The capability should be such that it is rare and cannot be imitated. It
should be protected through various means like trademarks, patent, copyright,

Non substitutable
– the capability should be such that provides better services and creates
loyalty.  To gain the benefits it is
important to have capabilities that are no substitutable in nature

5: The rule for employment of factor of
production depends on the time frame as it is clear that the model and theories
reside in the time period. In the short run, it is not possible to start a new
factory however new workers can be absorbed. It reflects that in a time span
current output can change. On the other hand, in the long run, higher changes
can be done.

Under the short
run one factor is considered to be fixed and hence, capital is kept constant in
this scenario. On the contrary, in the long run, all factors of production are
variable in nature. The Short-Run is the
period in which no less than one factor of creation is viewed as settled.
Generally capital is viewed as steady in the short-run.

6 : In the event that the precipitation is in
plenitude, and additionally convenient at that point there will be a lot of
yields. Nonetheless, if there are any normal cataclysms, for example, surge,
seismic tremor, dry spells, and so forth then that will impact the generation
procedure. This is one main consideration that acquires a change the supply of

Answer 7:



Answer 8 :


10 :  Apple
has considered the market and the way in which individuals carry on. The
fundamental purpose behind the achievement of iPhone has been the means
attempted by Apple. Apple took in the requirement for controlling the retail
encounter together with the arrangement of repair and support. It has included
itself in client administrations and communication. Henceforth, the retail
coordination can be said to be the greatest upper hand that the organization
contains. Further, the outline of the administrations and the product were
finished by Apple itself making them more mindful of the experience of the


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