Annette Poulson Cumming was born and raised in Utah where she also attended college to pursued her aspirations as a registered nurse. While living in Utah and being a daughter or two very conservative parents Annette always felt like she was pressured to take on the beliefs of her parents. Nevertheless as she grew into her own person she developed her own opinions and beliefs especially when it came to women’s rights in the healthcare field. After obtaining her degree she moved to Central Louisiana and began working at hospital there. As a registered nurse, she worked in a Louisiana hospital and saw many pictures of aborted fetuses displayed on the main bulletin board used by all the nurses within the hospital. Annette was very disturbed by how the abortions were displayed and due to the uncomfortable placement of her work she chose take a break from the medical field and change career fields completely and went into business and real estate. Shortly after making the career changed she found herself missing Utah and wanted to move back and possibly get back into nursing. When she went back to Utah she got involved with Planned Parenthood after reading a article about the high teen pregnancy rate and started asking questions. ?Annette wanted to make a difference in the healthcare field and has always had a strong belief that women should have choices when it comes to their reproductive rights. Annette served on the National Board of directors of Planned Parenthood in 1992  and has been funding money for the organization ever since. The Planned Parenthood’s cause is to educate the youth on safe sex but also to make sure women know they have rights especially when it comes abortion and birth control. Utah being one of the most red states ever, there are has been a very tough conservative legislature that Annette has been trying to tackle ever since she’s began serving as the board chair of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. She’s been raising funds to fight policies like the age limit to consent to having an abortion in the state of Utah, Annette believes that every young women should have the right to consent to having an abortion without the notice and consent of her parents. Annette has been serving Planned Parenthood for more than 25 years and although progress has been made with each and every visit that takes place at a facility, she wishes more will be done in the future.  ?Annette enjoys the volunteer work she has done with Planned parenthood and will continue to do so. Her platform has allowed her to  travel to Africa and Asia to visit and see first hand the desperate need for women’s health resources. “I want to help give women the best possible chances at a healthy, successful life full of choices and educational opportunities.” she states. Volunteering has impacted Annette’s life in a major way, not only is she making changes to policies in the Utah legislature that she couldn’t even imagine with she first started but she’s also helped decrease the teen pregnancy rate by making it more of a point to introduce birth control to our teen population, which was Annette’s original issue that caught her interest from the very beginning. ? 


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