And is required under section 57 of the

And any information
which is nessecary


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and annual reports

Company prospectus
which is issued have follow information and data.


Any public limited organization
or body corporate having least paid up capital of two hundred million rupees
(Rs.200 million) may apply for posting on a stock trade in Pakistan. section 2
of the Ordinance prohibts private limited organizations to welcome overall
public for membership of their securities including shares. A remote
organization having spot of business in Pakistan can likewise apply for th

for listing.

Person who hold ten percent or
more offer shares to general public.

of shares are offer to general public by existing shareholders.

organization  raising fund for achieving
its  needs through issue of securities
i.e. shares, bonds and so on to different classes of speculators including the
overall population. At one point an organization chooses to raise subsidize from
the overall population, it is required under section 57 of the Companies
Ordinance, 1984 (the Ordinance) to issue, circle and distribute, after
endorsement of SECP, outline i.e. a record welcoming the overall population for
membership of securities of the organization. In the event of a remote
organization having spot of business in Pakistan, area 461 read with segment 57
of the Ordinance is important. The application under area 57 should be made on
format given at Annexure-II and might be attached by such records.

of shares by company which is doing ipo.

issuer that intends to do ipo have to list on stock exchange for this he should
an application to the stock exchange under section 9 of securities and exchange
ordinanance 1969.the application for ipo is on the format of annexure-1 and
attached by given document and information .

for listing on the stock exchange.                                                    

legal requirmants.