Anastasia feel that a great deal of my

Anastasia Ceban


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PHM 315- Homework #4

Leadership Interview

Hello. My name is Anastasia Ceban. I
am a pharmacist student at the Long Island University. I would like your
permission to conduct an interview with you for my class assignment regarding
Your Leadership and How You Lead a Change. Your opinions are very important and
entirely voluntary. Can I make an appointment with you for the interview?

Yes. We can schedule a meeting.

Thank you for willing to participate.
I appreciate your time and interest.

The leader it is a Pharmacist at Duane Reade 14466,
Brooklyn, NY. It is a small pharmacy in a beautiful middle- age neighborhood.
She had been a pharmacist in that store for five years.

1. What
educational path did you take to become a pharmacist?

I received my B.S from Hunter
College, New York and a Pharm.D from Saint John’s University. However, I feel
that a great deal of my educational path occurred in the pharmacy environment.
I started working in a pharmacy when I was 16. The mentor I had was great and
he showed me what a pharmacist could be and what they should be.

2. Did you
always want to become a pharmacist?

Yes, but during my last year of high school, I had decided officially
that becoming a pharmacist will be the best career path for me.

3. How would you describe your leadership style?

            I always treat my co-workers the way I want them to treat me and I trust
them to make good decisions. I try to provide my staff with as much information
as possible about what’s happening in the pharmacy. This empowers them to trust
me as well as I trust them and giving them a wide latitude for decision making.
My goal is to make them feel their career has progressed when they decide to
finish working with me.

4. What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

            The most important value
that I have is my honesty. I demonstrate honesty and strong moral principles in
all my actions to establish trustworthiness as a leader.

5. What is the greatest strength?

            Being able to guide and stimulate a
team to perform their best and make efforts to achieve goals. I do this through
relationship building, being passionate about the goals, and having a good
impact on those around me.

 6. What sort of leader would your
team say that you are?

            I think they will say that I am the
type of leader that will always support them in their goals and success. Also,
they will say that I will clear the way when there are difficulties or
disagreement with the customers and will always have their back.

7. What is the best and worst thing about
your job?

            The best and worst thing about a retail Pharmacy are the
people (customers). By being able to help
someone better manage their disease state, for example, is a great feeling but
being yelled at for not having refills of their prescription’s is not a good a
feeling. But I look for one thing in my day to make me feel successful is the feeling
of truly helping someone, making their day better.

8. Discuss a time when you worked with a difficult

            Usually, my approach to working with a difficult customer
is to become fully aware of that it isn’t often about me and I just happen to
be the person the customer is talking to and will let their anger or distress
out on. I always find it helpful to acknowledge their complaints and then focus
on tangible steps.

9. What
advice do you wish you had received from a professional while you were still a

            As a student, I have received many good pieces of advice. This is where the work experience aspect of student
life becomes a reality. It is very advantageous to know a pharmacist when you
are a student, to talk with and discuss current topics with. I would suggest
that students get engaged in their pharmacy program (the different
organization) because you will learn a lot outside of the classroom as well and
make great friends along the way.

10. What are the most difficult decisions to make?

            It is an extremely difficult decision as a leader to let
an employee go. But, I always tell myself, if they are not working the way they
should be, it is the right decision.

11. What
is the most significant change that you brought to the Pharmacy?

For example, at my previous private Pharmacy in Bay
Ridge, New York, the pharmacy technician’s never had formal training. They did
not know how to lead their former peers and were uncomfortable communicating with
the customers. I felt there was a need to train these new pharmacy technicians on
the skills they would need to be successful. So I made my case to the
leadership team on why it is important and provided examples I was seeing. Due
to this, all pharmacy technician’s goes through a training program that prepares
them for their new duties.

12. What factors should students consider when choosing a pharmacy degree?

            I feel very strongly about
being in a pharmacy environment before entering in the actual professional
program. I think that trying to work in community and hospital you can find a
pharmacist is important. I was lucky enough to get the chance to work in many
areas which gave me a better outlook on all the directions a pharmacy degree
can take you in.

Thank you
so much for this interview opportunity and time!