Analyzed through the feminist lens, the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and the monster highlights male as sinners and have flaws; as a result, female suffer from these flaws. The monster forces Victor Frankenstein to create him a female companion, Victor Frankenstein initially agrees to create the female monster and justifies his agreement as to “put an end to my slavery”(Shelly 72). Victor Frankenstein, later on, decides to end a being. The female monster in the novel Frankenstein, if born, would have been born pure and innocent as a baby; therefore, Victor Frankenstein is deemed to have committing the killing of a soul. Disregarding the female monster’s purpose, Victor Frankenstein kills his female creation because the female creation would look hideous and unpleasant. The monster decides to take revenge and tells Victor Frankenstein that “I will be there at your wedding night” (Shelly 92). The monster kills Elizabeth at her wedding night to revenge for his dead monster companion. Victor Frankenstein and the monster are both at fault for murdering, but instead of taking it directly between themselves, women suffer from their heinous acts. Just like the relationship between male and female in the novel, the monster suffers from all the discrimination according to his physical appearance because of Victor Frankenstein’s decisions to create him.  The monster is rejected from the Felix’s family after trying to convince them that it is more than just his physical look that makes him human, the monster then narrates his story of rejection to Victor Frankenstein in hopes that he could convince him to create him a companion: “He continued, ‘You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being. This you alone can do'” (Shelly 130). The monster, submissively, begs Victor Frankenstein for a companion ‘Shall each man,’ cried he, ‘find a wife for his bosom, and each beast have his mate, and I be alone?”(Shelly 150). “This you alone can do,” the creature admits that Victor Frankenstein, is dominant to him and is the only person that could help him have with having a companion. The reliance of the monster on Victor Frankenstein in the novel is portrays the monster as submissive and Vicotr Frankenstein as dominant 


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