An example of discrimination relating to equal pay is the
Computer Sciences
Corporation scandal, where
they were sued by a former high-level female executive who was fired after
identifying and complaining about pattern and practice gender discrimination and
sexual harassment. CSC routinely paid women less than men and denied them
higher-paying and more prestigious positions. According to the Complaint, CSC
has a practice of retaliating against women who complain by demoting or
removing them from their positions, withholding their pay, and/or firing them (POGO, 2012).

An additional
case relating to pay discrimination is the tech giant Microsoft was also being
sued in the Seattle federal court by Katie Moussouris during 2015, who worked
at the company for over seven years. She alleged that female technical
employees like her earned less than similarly qualified men because of gender
bias. She also claimed that the company promoted men over equally or more
qualified women and that its managers gave woman lower performance reviews
compared with their male peers (Rao, 2015).


Sexual harassment is another form of discrimination;
sexual harassment discrimination occurs when someone can no longer able do
their job because their workplace has become permeated with sexual innuendo and
other inappropriate behaviour. An example of sexual harassment relating story
was on Ms Phillips. The politician, who chairs the
women’s Parliamentary Labour Party, said she was attacked by her boss in her
twenties before she became an MP. She said: “I was working in a bar and I
remember going to a party and when we went back to someone’s house and my boss
was there. I had fallen asleep on the sofa and when I woke up he was undoing my
belt and trying to get into my trousers. I was absolutely paralysed with fear”(Kate Proctor, 2017).


A study from
Pew Research Centre found a stark difference of opinion between women and men
about whether or not sexism still exists. Where 63% of women believe that there
continue to be major obstacles for women to get ahead, only 41% of men feel
similarly (Warrell, 2016). This already shows the big problem. But not
only do we fail to recognise latent sexism in the people around us, we’re often
unaware of our own.

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 Studies have found that it’s not just men who
have implicit bias against women; women can also hold unconscious bias toward
their own gender. Double
standards are so embedded in our culture we often don’t recognise when we’re
reinforcing them. the idea we have about boys and girls “natural” capabilities
and in the workplace, where men tend to be promoted more on potential and women
more on performance (Olga Khazan,
2014; Warrell, 2016; McKinsey & Company, 2017).


A third of managers would rather employ a man in his 20s or 30s over a
woman of the same age for fear of maternity leave, according to a new study. A
survey of 500 managers by law firm Slater & Gordon showed that more than
40% admitted they are generally wary of hiring a woman of childbearing age,
while a similar number would be wary of hiring a woman who has already had a
child or hiring a mother for a senior role. A quarter said they would rather
hire a man to get around issues of maternity leave and child care when a woman
does return to work, with 44% saying the financial costs to their business
because of maternity leave are a significant concern.


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