Andrew Choi PWR 1 150-067 Marisa McNatt sept. 18, 2013 An Abnormal Day The rain started in the morning and was ever present until evening. My freshman year was well under way. Growing tired of constant sun, I longed endlessly for a dark morning. The daily blasting of heat was draining me of my passion for life. It is hard to find meaning in a life that has no variation, no change. One day, my wish came true. I could hardly see my clock as I awoke that morning. The exact time is hard to remember but knowing my habits it was probably 7:00; time to shower, eat, and leave or school. All the while it is dark all around me.

I look out the window and to my pleasure I see comforting shade cast by miles and miles of a cloud system. The rain taps my window but I still open it embrace the cold. Colorado is a beautiful state because it models all seasons to their full extents. This was my first encounter with the rain or any humidity for several months. The cold was a comfortable temperature; it was unnoticeable with a light Jacket and barely bothered me. Several hours later I am in school and it is lunchtime. My friends suggest that we neak off campus to eat something better than hotdogs and microwaved French fries.

The rainy weather had me feeling adventurous so I advocate the plan. We find someone that happens to own a car and he offers to take us off the campus if we pay him. We have no choice so we pay our fees and hop in. I sit in the backseat with two good friends and we argue on what type of cuisine we will be dining on. Gourmet burgers from McDonalds would do the Job but so would the delicious kebab sticks of Yakitory. Eventually, we saw ourselves on the road that lead to a land of crisp, golden oodness. Waiting at a stoplight, I look in the side mirror and I see a car that has no intention of stopping.

It rams into the rear bumper and gives me a wicked whiplash with a side of seatbelt burns. The car is perfectly fine with the exception of a new bump situated in the middle of the bumper. However the other car met a different fate. A tiny little thing that stood no chance against the monster that my friend owned. The hood was push up and the right-hand sidelights were bashed in from the beating. Everyone in the accident was fine and after insurance was exchanged we roceeded with our main mission. I opened the door to an unexpected wind chill. I could feel it in my bones and it almost hurt.

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Honestly, I grew irritated and impatient like a child. The situation was stressing me out even though it was a minor event in my life. School ends and I walk to my locker. No homework tonight because I took several sentences. The walk to the parking lot where I await my ride is short and the rain had not stopped. I arrive to my destination but no car is waiting for me. I do not mind waiting because the rain accompanies me. But instead of my parents who usually ick me up I see my eldest uncle in his hideous red Toyota. Inside his car are my sisters who were waiting for me.

For some reason he was designated the Job of babysitting us. This unusual event came with shocking news. My aunt Jenny, a vibrant young woman at the age of thirty-two, went into a coma last night. She passed away several days later without any closure. The details of her death still puzzle me and to this day. Rain patters on the car window as scenes from my memories play in my mind. I can see her smile as she carries four bottles of champagne to my birthday party. She looks at me and says, “Happy birthday sweetie” as she extends a glass to my hand.

Four days later my parents informed me of my aunt Jenny’s passing. To this day, Aunt Jenny’s charismatic laughter resonates in my memory for little did anyone know that her life would end so abruptly. At thirty-two years of age, her husband and two sons, Austin and Jason, survived her. With their father always at work, I was entrusted with the responsibility of watching my cousins. As I struggled to balance my responsibilities as an adolescent, my daily hassles began to increase the level of stress that was intensifying within me.

The once troubling matter of deciding on meals now seemed trivial in light of my aunts passing. I decided that change was necessary and with the support of my friends and loved ones, I made it my goal to turn my life around. I learned to cope with my stress in a healthy manner and devoted much of my time to extracurricular activities such as volunteering and youth group. Although it may sound clich?©, I made it a personal goal to alter the way I perceived life and to smile more. Whether I die today or sometime far in the future, I know that true happiness is when I can help my loved ones.


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