Professor Billings English 1301 Feburary 3 ,2011 Can a Leader or a Follower exist without the other ? If you have a leader can he or she exsit if no one chooses to follow them? Can a follower survive without anyone to lead or guide them? Can either one of them exsist without the other one? Or do the exist soley by themselves According to the wordnet 3. 0 a leader is a noun and provides three definitions.

First one being , one who leads or conducts. Secondly, one who has authority to direct. Lastly , one who rules or guides and/or inspires others. According to word net 3. 0 a follower is a noun and provides two definitions . First one being, a person who accepts the leaderships of another. Lastly , someone who travels behind the leadership of another. A few examples of common leaders are an orchestra conductor, the president of the United States, and parents. All of these leaders relly on their follower to be who and where the are today.

A few examples of common followers are orchestra instramentalists , the citizens of the United States ,and children. All of these followers relly on their success, safety , and guidenece from their leaders. According to wordnet 3. 0 a conductor is a noun and provides two deffinitons. First one being, the person who leads a musical group. Lastly, one who conducts a group of people. A conductor is in charge of keeping the tempo of a certain pice of music . With out the conductor there is no one to remind certains sections with in the orchestra to come in at their respective times.

Also a conductor helps lead practice and teaches the orcherstra as a whole new music. He or she essistenly teaches, guides,and leads the orchestra. As you see an orchestra can not function properly if no one is their to lead them. According to wordnet 3. 0 an orchestra is a noun and has two definitions. First one being, a musical organization consisting of a group of instrementalist including string players. Lastly, a band of instrumental musicans performing in a theater , concert hall , or other places for public assument.

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A orchestra usually consit of instrumentalist who have exceled in his or her instruments and play extremely well. These individuls tend to practice harder and longer to learn a new poece on their own time. A conductor can and has lead them in practive with him or her , but if they don’t practice on their own it will take the instrumentalist longer to learn the given piece and the more they practice the better they get. If a conductor doesn’t have a dedicated instumentalist he or she will look cad when it is time to preform .

Also another more obvious reason a conductor needs an orchestra is is that a conductor can not produce great music from empty chairs. According to wordnet 3. 0 a President is a noun and provides three definitions. First one being , the leading figure in a group of men and wemon. Secondly, excutive officer of a firm or a copperation. Lastly, the person who holds the office of head of state of the U. S. Government . The ideal role of the President is to guide, protect and propose bills that will beter the lives of the citizens with in his or her own country.

A president guides its citizens into decisions that are suppost to be benifical for the wealth and the well being . The president is suppost to protect their citizens from attacks . A president ‘s purpose is to propose bills to help legalize, ban , or regulate the counrty and its citizens . These bills over all are suppost to help better his country and the citizens life styles. Without the President the country would probably be in total choas and probably anialte themselves and their surroundings. According to wordnet 3. a citizen is a noun and provides two definitions. First one being , a native or nautralized member of a state or political community . Lastly, either sex of gender who owes allegiagence to government and is entilted to the reciprocal protection. A citizen resides in a certain state and or city with in a state to phrospher , reproduce, and thrive. Through their actions in that city or state laws are created and proper government is installed. The citizen of a country have a major part in the government. The President relies on the the citizens to become elected.

If a major amount of citizens don’t agree , like , or benefit from the propsals from the President electee then will more than likely not get elected President. The president electee must gain the trust of his or her followers so that they may have the chance to be elected. According to wordnet 3. 0 a parent is a noun and provides two definitions . The first one being an organism ( plant or animal) from which younger ones are obtained . Lastly, a father or a mother , one who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures and or raises a child or a relative who plays the role of gaurdian.

Being a parent is an amazing gift . You are responsible for your chjilds upbringing. You are responsible for their every nees , want , and or disire. Being a parent is a lot of hard work , the reward is great. To be a successful parent you need a child who is willing to grow, learn , and observe from you. Once they are older you will know you are successful by their actions, morals, and disires. To be a leader as a parent you need a child to follow. According to wordnet 3. 0 a child is a noun and provides three definitions . First one being, a member of a clan or tribe.

Secondly, a human offspring ( son or daughter) of any age. Lastly, a young person of either sex. A child is helpless without any guidence . A child doesn’t have the capicitity to know right from wrong. They relly on an adult to show and guide them . Once a child knows everything they become an adult . Until then a child is very impressionable. What they are taught and shown as a child is what they will reflect as an adult. As you can see children follow their parents until they can become leaders themselves when they have children of their own and the cycle continues.

I belive that the world needs both leaders and followers to co-exist. A leader can not lead with out followers to follow. On the same note a follower can not fufill their reason of exsistannce if they have no one to follow at one point in each of our lives we all have been the follower and all have been the leader. In the end, there is always going to be leaders and followers in this world. No one can change that. The only thing that can change in that is in what you as a leader choose to to stand for and in what you as a follower choose follow. But in the end the both are need each other to exist.


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