Analitical Paper – American Revolution The American Revolution, which is discussed in Chapter four of Crosscurrents in American Culture, was led by several factors, indicated throughout chapter four and described in form of primary sources. Using these primary sources, paraphrasing and summarizing the events I will declare, analyze and interpret why these events lead to the eventual occurrence of the American Revolution and how the Revolution effected the new and existing nations.

Firstly, as stated in “A speech to the Six Confederate Nations (…)”, when the first armed battles in Lexington, Concord took place, delegates were concerned with keeping neutral parties, as the Indians, remaining neutral, as they had been among their confederations dating back to the fifteenth century. They were known for their diplomacy, also being able to live in peace among the French and English and therefore having them continue to stay neutral in the event of the revolution.

A diplomatic skill the Iroquois confederation possessed is viewing their relationship with the French on terms of “Uncle”, “Brother” and “Nephew”, instead of the view Father – Child, the French had laid down. (112). Considering the hierarchical view of the Iroquois, it surprising that they didn’t manage to maintain their diplomacy and neutrality. The American Revolution literally forced the confederation of natives to pick sides and join the War, also when this meant, giving up what they have maintained over several centuries, a key point in their diplomacy and turn against their own people, choosing other sides.

Furthermore, at present time a common approach to transmit the new ideas and news was through novels, newspapers, cartoons and similar (109). A pamphlet published in January 1776, titled “Common Sense”, written by Thomas Pain, who had barely lived in America for little more than a year, captured ingeniously the spirit of the growing discontent among colonists, towards the British monarchy and aims towards independence (114). All in all, it is incredible how much attention and readers this article found.

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Through its understandable, “common sense” approach and word of mouth it reached a vast number of people, awakening thoughts that have been stumbling in people’s subconscious. Through this seeking independence approach, a lot of people were made aware of the circumstances, promoted to choose sides and follow their allies. Therefore a lot of people teamed up and acted up for their independence, which concurrently led to beginning acts of the revolution. In addition, other key points are events, such as the Stamp Act, its repeal and the Boston Tea Party.

To finance their troops and army stationed in America the British started taxing ridiculous items, sometimes without any formality, imposing extra costs on purchased items, due to their expenditures during war with the French. The Stamp Act was repealed in 1766, just a year after its beginning in 1975 (116ff). As stated in “ (…) The repeal of the Stamp Act (…)1766”, for one day residents of Boston took a time off rebelling and being protesting and celebrated the repeal of the Stamp Act with various interesting gestures they walked thorough the streets and for example presented symbolisms commonly used to display liberty (117).

On the contrary, “The Boston Tea Party” took place after the Tea Act was put in place and did not have a as cheerful celebration following it. After British had decided to put taxes on importations of Tea, colonists rebelled by dumping all imported tea from a ship load into the Boston Harbour, metaphorically creating a huge tea cup (116ff). Ascertaining the above, colonist didn’t really have the liberty to choose to handle the taxation without acting out. If they were to accept the first taxation, how likely is it that British will continue to impose taxations to cover their debts.

Not to mention, the Stamp Act was enforced without formalities and solely imposed on colonists without leaving them any possibilities for objection, therefore the breaking out in revolt is a quintessence to the circumstance. In likewise manner, the Boston Tea Party, indicates to have been a meaningful insurge, as it left a notorious mark in history not comparable with other events being of more violent nature. To sum up, the American Revolution did not start from nothing, there was tension building up all along the timeline in this era.

As Thomas Plain managed to depict this tension into written form more people became aware of their feelings and started acting out because they wanted change for the better – Seeking Independence from the so called “ Father”, being able to be their own “Man” as illustrated in a Father – Son relationship. Although lastly, quoting “ The Female Patriots (1768)”, which states, “Woman in the colonies had much greater involvement in acts of collective resistance than their symbolic representation (…) as in early modern crowds, women often joined men in bread riots or uprisings against impressments”(120).

This indicates, how family relationships were different, woman were not taking on lead roles in being the head of the family, neither in replacing the father as authority figure when they are out in war, rather they joined them, leaving the children back home in doubtful perspective. In regards to the American Revolution, support from both sides to achieve Independence is double the chance from my perspective. Lastly, reviewing the facts, without this deployment, things how they are today wouldn’t be existent, therefore History shows what we had to suffer to get where we are.


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