Imagine being discriminated against and not able to do what you are set to do. Amelia Earhart is an inspiration to all women around the world. She overcame many struggles in her life to achieve her goals. After accomplishing great things she was recognized as a determined, strong, women. Not many people believed inhere however she believed in herself and became somebody important to the world. Not only did she inspire others but she as well inspired many young girls who didn’t believe that they could become anything.

“The town of Atchison seems an unlikely birthplace for a women whose name, more than fifty years after her death remains synonymous with adventure heroism and posthumous mystery”(Lovell, The Sound of Wings, p.3) Her mother Amy Earhart moved away once Amelia was born. In Atchison ,Kansas July 24, 1897 Amelia Earhart a new born baby was left only to live with her grandparents. Although her grandparents were her sole providers at this time they were very wealthy (2010 Copyright, Soylent Communications). Her grandparents were very important people in the small town.

Amelia and her sister attended private school. However, they soon flunked out for disrespectful behavior. This was a total disappointment to their whole family. Amelia was obviously trying to get the attention of her mother, who she rarely saw. Amelia needed her mother there but she wasn’t , almost never. (Hobbs, ) However, once she turned eleven her mother came and took her away to live with her permanently.

Once she moved in with her mother she finally met her father. Although Amelia heard terrible things about him she refused to believe them.. Her grandparents told her about how her father was a drunk, deadbeat, bum. This was all true, which she eventually realized as she grew older (Lovell, The Sound of Wings, p.10). This was extremely hard to deal with since it was obvious to everyone that he had a problem. The alcoholism her father faced put his job in jeopardy. Amelia’s family were forced to move around just to get by. As a result, she never had any real friends and if she did the friendship didn’t last long.

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As a child, Amelia never thought that she would soon become one of the worlds most famous aviators. Most people would think that Amelia fell in love with flying at first sight. “It was a thing of rust and wood and not at all interesting”. At the tender age of ten she found it to be quite boring (Copyright 2010, Family of Amelia Earhart). Amelia considered herself a tomboy. She never played with dolls she preferred playing games like red rover and football. At this time most young girls didn’t like playing sports. Many boys made fun of her because she wasn’t like the rest of the girls: she was different. Therefore, she was continually discriminated against for being a girl doing things that a boy would usually do. (Hobbs, Denise)

This is the same as when she grew into adulthood. The more interested she became into aviation the more men looked down on her. Although she had flown across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928 most men still didn’t respect her ( Copyright 2010, Family of Amelia Earhart)Through all this she kept her head up high and continued on the path that she knew she was destined to follow.

“Amelia Earhart has long inspired young women to pursue their dreams even if they face obstacles to their goals and especially if those dreams will take them beyond traditional careers”, (Cordova, The Atlanta- Constitution, Nov 9, 2009, p.A21) Amelia has had to face abandonment issues, discrimination, and family alcoholism. All these challenges that Amelia Earhart has had to struggle with made her who she was. She was beautiful, strong inspirational and endearing. She’s the women who flew across the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes you must face great obstacles, however in the end it is always for the best.


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