Ambrozene we have to start again and again

Ambrozene Rancharan

Philosophy of Life

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Lionel Andres Messi Cuttini once said, “Life without God is like
an unsharpened pencil, it has no point. If we can’t be a pencil to write
anyone’s happiness, let’s at least be a nice rubber to erase everyone’s sorrows”.

My comparison about life is a pencil. When the pencil’s point brakes or goes
dull, we have to sharpen it until we are comfortable with the sharpness of the
point. Likewise in life, every time we fail or somehow break inside, we have to
start again and again until we are able to see that our lives are back on

The creator of the pencil intended for the pencil to make its mark
in a book. Therefore, it must establish its purpose; it’s not an object to dig
holes on the ground, nor a fingernail cleaner. However, if a pencil does not
serve its purpose, it will somehow get harmed or even destroyed. In the same
way, we need to establish our purpose because as the pencil we might end up
tragically harmed. We must be focused on one thing and that is living according
to the will of our Creator. In addition, the outside of a pencil is not as
important what’s inside, the graphite, since it is connected to its purpose. The
outside could have bite marks, or can have split marks, but if the inside is
untouched then it is all right. Likewise a pencil, the most essential thing
needed to accomplish our purpose is what’s inside us, not what’s outside us. Nothing
that is material and of this world is going to make us happy. Our conscience,
the love we have for others is what makes us happy. 

We may think that life is an easy task. Nevertheless, likewise a
pencil, in our lives we have to go through painful sharpening. Sadly, pain is
necessary if we want to fulfill our purpose in this world. Learning to
withstand trials is important, since we will absolutely go through hard
situations, which will teach us, and train us to be better and sharper than we
were before. We may make big mistakes in our lives, but have you ever wondered
why a pencil has an eraser? It is to erase mistakes. Life allows us to use an
eraser to delete any mistake we’ve made in the past. This means that making
mistakes in this life is allowed; no one is perfect. What better eraser than
the forgiveness of God? God asks us to forgive others that do us wrong, He also
asks us to forgive ourselves.

To conclude, a pencil needs someone to handle it to fulfill its
purpose. For the pencil to make its mark in the book, a hand is the one that
guides it to create beautiful writings or drawings. God gave us the capability
to accomplish great things, but we must never forget that he is the hand that
will guide us to have a beautiful and happy life. He will always guides us
according to His will. We need to allow God’s hand to hold us so we can fulfill
our purpose to which we were born to accomplish. In addition, we should know
that everything we do in life will leave a mark, it doesn’t matter how smooth
or rough the surface is, we must continue to do our duty on every action with
honesty and humility.