Alyssa Moore

My name is Alyssa Moore and I’m an 18 year old senior that goes to West View High. I’m a typical teenage girl who plays softball, makes good grades, and works part time at the local diner in town. I usually keep to myself, but about a month ago I had to play detective for one of my closest friends. “Ring Ring” my cell phone goes off as I’m doing my homework. It was my best friend Lakin. I was surprised to see she was calling me because she’s usually stuck up her boyfriend’s butt.

“Hello? ” I say. “He’s cheating on me! Lakin exclaims while crying. “Janice told me that Mary heard he was at the movies with another girl! ”. Shocked I asked her if she sad asked him about it and she said no, that she couldn’t get herself to ask him and that she needed my help. Lakin and I have been childhood best friends since we were born. From our mothers working together and taking ballet together for years, our friendship was unbearable, So I had to help her right? I agreed to help her with whatever she needed and asked her what the plan was.

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She told me she needed me to follow him around for a few weeks to see if I could catch him in the act. I knew it would be risky following someone without getting caught, But I couldn’t let her worry about not knowing if it was true or even catching him herself. The first week seemed pretty boring. From following him to the movies just to find out that he was meeting his mother there, to sitting under the bleacher at his football practice hoping to hear him at least talk about it. But I got nothing. A few nights later our plan started to officially fall into place.

I was at work and the next thing I knew his friends and him were sitting in the back booth, maybe I could catch him talking about the other girl. After serving them their food and drinks, I hear one of the boys ask him about his date Friday night. Lakin was going to be camping with her family all weekend, so I knew he wasn’t talking about her. That was it. I CAUGHT HIM! That night when I got off work, I called Lakin what I had heard. I then told her that I was going to follow him and the girl and try to catch him in the act, but when Friday night came, I ran into a few problems.

First, I didn’t even know where they were going on a date at, So I had to wait outside of his house and follow him from there. Second off, they went on a date at the movies again, so I had to army crawl on the floor to the top seats making sure they didn’t see me. After the movie was over, I followed them out to the lobby. I walked up to the both of them, and flipped. I took a picture of them standing together, and told him how bad of a person was, and that he was caught red handed. Before they could even say anything, I ran to my car and when straight to Lakins house.

I showed her the picture, then she called him and ended things. I felt awful because she was cheated on by the boy she thought she was going to marry. That whole ordeal happen about a month ago, and everyday since then I had been glad it happened. Not because she got her heart broken, but because I got my bestfriend back, and she met a guy that seemed like he made her really happy two weeks ago. With her going through her heart break, I learned that some things aren’t supposed to be, and that the tough situations in life are lessons and can lead you onto greater things.