much has been learned and known about dosage compensation and DC complex in Drosophila but still there are many open
questions which need to be answered. Like, how does the MSL complex carryout
such significant accuracy in targeting as well as its impact on gene

MSL complex plays a central role in upregulating the male X chromosome, but again
question remains about its mechanism of action. There is evidence that the MSL
complex responds to sequence signatures on the X chromosome, but with current
models it’s difficult to predict. Moreover, once the complex has been
recruited, there is no consensus on how dosage compensation is achieved, nor is
it understood how the extent of up-regulation is limited. It seems clear that
dosage compensation is not constant across somatic tissues. Even so, the degree
of heterogeneity has not been fully explored, and its source has not been
conclusively identified. While dosage compensation may indeed have helped to
shape X chromosome gene content, studies supporting that view have been
controversial. There has also been controversy over MSL complex-independent
systems of dosage compensation, despite evidence that the MSL complex does not
act alone. In this study, I will use D. pseudoobscura,
and closely related species as model, In the first step – I will investigate,
how MSL complex distinguish X chromosome among autosomes, the role of roX
genes, small sequence motifs and other CES. In the second step – I will check
the mechanism, how MSL complex proteins spreads from entry sites to active gene
region (active domain).


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