All Good Music Festival & Campout 2013 Every year on the third weekend of July, Thornville, Ohio becomes a festival ground for the very eccentric hippies and tree huggers. The All Good Music Festival & Campout comes to town. The festival used to be held in Masontown, wv’. From the music to camping, and the vendors, the festival is something everyone should experience. My first experience was the summer of 2013. One of the most important reasons All Good even exists is for the music. There was more than 35 artists or groups there to perform. Among those artists were groups and artists, such as the

John Butler Trio, Pretty Lights, Keller Williams, STS9, Primus, and Further featuring Phil Lesh and Bob Wier of The Grateful Dead. Further was one of the headlining bands and one of the best shows I have ever seen. I never wouldVe imagined I would have the chance to see part of The Grateful Dead perform. It was a once in a lifetime chance and I am glad I got to share it with the people I was with. You could even hear the music from your camp site. One of the best things about the festival is the camping. We arrived at the gate at 6:46 a. m. We were the 32nd car through the gate nd we parked and ran to get a prime spot.

We found a shady spot under the trees and set up camp. Luckily we found a good spot because the main camping area was in the sun and it became extremely hot. Throughout the weekend we met thousands of people walking passed out camp to the main venue. Many of them had things to sell other than illegal substances, such as Jewelry, t-shirts, and paintings. They had many things that the vendors had but at much cheaper prices. There was a wide variety of items sold but authorized vendors. There was clothing, food, Jewelry, and much more. My favorite was the holographic posters.

They were very… trippy for lack of a better term. If it weren’t for them being very expensive, I would fill my whole house with them. In conclusion, if you want to have hell of a time, All Good is the place to do it. From mushroom eating hippies to music lovers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can run around like hippies and listen to wonderful music. Most people end up breaking the bank. If you ever get a wild hair and want to have some fun, go to the All Good Music Festival & Campout. Sara Layman December 3, 2013 Narrative essay all good 2013 By slayman20

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