Alcoholism Should Not Be Viewed as a Disease

Alcoholism is undeniably a relevant issue in today’s modern world.

This is because it is manifested among people in all walks of life. Hence, whether it is viewed as a disease or not is a serious argument which is worthy to discuss and prove. Since the condition of it being a disease primarily entails that that the activity is attacking and destroying one’s health condition, it is then my position that alcoholism should not be viewed as a disease but rather as a damaging habit or practice wherein a person is free to choose either to engage in it or not.In fact, people should not be confused with the problem of alcoholism.

This is because it is indeed clear that when it is regarded as a disease, it should have met the condition that it is involuntary on the part of an alcoholic. However, since this is not the case and it is very apparent that the alcoholic voluntarily committed to the said dependency, then it is considered not to be an illness. Additionally, unlike an ailment where a person is not faced with any form of advantage but, in fact, has no choice but to deal and hope that there is treatment, alcoholism as a habit is already an established fact.This is because alcohol addition is a preference which the alcoholic merely chosen for the simple reason that he or she finds that the benefits to be derived from drinking prevail over its obvious and impending dangers. Finally, alcoholism as a harmful habit is all a matter of an option since alcoholics exposed themselves to many risks and are truly the main source of their own predicaments which are brought about by their own conducts and choice to be addicted to alcohol.


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