Aims of my Personal Exercise Programme

Dance is the sport my personal exercise programme is based upon. As from my personal profile, I think that I am situated at performance level in dance of the participation pyramid. I dance twice a week in different styles such as Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap and I take examinations and competitions throughout the year. I would like to design an exercise programme, which will improve basic skills and techniques. Improving basic skills will be done through certain aspects of health and skill related components.

Definition of health: ‘a state of physical and social and mental well being, where we are free from disease.

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Definition of skill: ‘is an ability, usually learned and acquired through training, to perform actions which achieve a desired outcome.

Definition of health-related components: Those dimensions of fitness that are psychologically based and determine how well a performer can meet the physical demands of an activity.

Definition of skill-related components: Those dimensions of fitness that are based on the interaction of the neuromuscular system and determine how successfully a performer can carry out a specific skill.

To choose the certain components for my sport, I need to set myself aims for the programme in which I would like to improve for myself. This will link into which components I need to look specifically at.

The health related aims include:

* Many dance styles (e.g. Modern) need flexibility throughout all dance movements. This could be from a split leap to a backbend. As well as being quite flexible in the vertebral column, I need the flexibility in the legs (hamstrings) to be able 2 get a perfect split leap, 180 degrees, legs split in the air. This is an important aim for me as I feel that I’m not as flexible as I used to be and it can lower your marks in exams and competitions. It can help for ballet techniques, (arabesque), and jazz classes too.

* Another aim for my exercise programme is that I would like to maintain my strength and energy throughout the dances. Many dances are between 2 and 3 minutes long. This may not seem long, but to keep the muscles working each second and same amount of energy used for each movement is very difficult. I would like to improve maintaining my energy and strength as when you lack in both of these, you tend to lose the audience and when performing that is a big loss.

* With reference to the above comment, to keep going that long, I need to improve my cardiorespiratory endurance to improve my muscular endurance. If I feel that I lack in energy, I need to enhance my energy levels by making sure I’m getting enough oxygen around the body, especially to the muscles. This is not just for competitions and exams but dance practice in general. This way, if I’m improving throughout my dance classes, by exams and competitions, my cardiorespiratory endurance should be above average and easier to maintain.

Skill related aims include:

* Many dance movements such as split leaps and layouts often transfer weight from one leg to the other. Therefore, I need the balance to be able 2 change. If I have no balance then these movements would not be performed to the best of my ability, meaning I would lose marks, as I could not control my body weight. I would like to improve this as this would help to make my movements more fluent and controlling.

* Many isolations require more than 1 body part being used more than once. E.g. Head, feet and arms. This needs to be done at the same time with the same amount of energy to make sure they are sharp, quick isolations and in time with the music. Co-ordination is not only used for isolations but practically all dance movements. To improve my co-ordination, it would give more effect and dynamic to my dance sequences.

* Moving quickly from one position to the next is often difficult in a short amount of time. This is quite difficult if you are short of energy and stamina level is low. I would like to improve changing direction from one position to the next taking as little time as possible keeping it neat and tight at the same time.

Now that my aims have been focused upon, I now need to show the health and skill related components that link into each of these aims. Therefore, when I have analyzed my fitness results I can look into more depth for the components that I need to improve to achieve my aims.