This essay is filled with many typical 1960s views of the American life and the world in General. It tells people of how the American society is corrupted and has major moral problems. It tells of all the mistakes and future mistakes the United States has wrong. Although it makes many valid points it is more critical with its words than it is insightful and helpful.

The SDS touches on almost any major area of importance, from economic to moral to political, in the 1960s. It tells of how educators have sold their morals out to increase student population and support the schools. SDS also informs the student population that originality and charisma are gone from the educators that facilitate the college campuses.

I believe that the authors of this article had no idea of what was going to happen in the future. Even though they were advocating change and describing how America was “going to hell” I believe they had no idea how bad it would really get. The authors, I believe, were so radical and passionate about their views that they would welcome the protest and demonstrations that erupted in the late 1960s.

Even though the authors of this article had many good points and views I believe that they were to negative one very topic that they wrote about. Almost all of their ideas and opinions were acted upon and subsequently eradicated from American culture. These views were nonetheless important opinions then and are still important view today.

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