Advertising: Wanting It, Selling It

For any company to get the message out to the public that it has a great product or service they must advertise. The concept of advertising products is quite simple. A company produces a product, hires an advertising company to promote it, then when the consumer sees the advertisement, he/she may or may not decide to purchase it. That decision depends on how effective the advertisement was, and whether or not the product fits the consumer’s life style. A consumer would not want to purchase a product or service that is not needed. Advertisers use many different persuasion methods to try and sell their product or service.

They attract attention to their advertisements through magazines. There are so many products and services to be sold. It seems that almost anything can be advertised in some form or fashion. To accomplish effective advertising, bold and effective statements and/or slogans along with attractive visual, and sometimes humorous, effects are needed to gain consumer attention. One of the most effective ways to advertise is through magazines. Many large, well-known companies benefit from this method and depend on it more than any other advertising technique.

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Magazine ads, as well as those of other media use a variety of appeals to attract consumers. As in the other media, targeting specific customers is an important consideration. In the Targeting a New World, Turow emphasized that, “the ultimate aim of this new wave of marketing is to reach different groups with specific messages about how certain products tie into their lifestyles. ” For example, if a company is promoting a female product such as makeup or fragrance, it would choose a women’s magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Vogue.

Another advantage to magazine ads is that the public is more likely to be attracted by colorful magazine ads and will tend to view them for a longer period of time than ads in newspapers, which are generally smaller and can get lost in the clutter of stories and articles. TIME magazine for instance, provides a good source of current events, entertainments, and advertisements. Articles consist of “the current economic crisis” and interviews with business CEOs such as Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell computers. This magazine is intended to the adult audience with conservative lifestyles.

During my research, I discovered an ad about a Jeep vehicle. The slogan, “Only on a Jeep,” implies a very simple and effective statement for the viewer. The ad promotes its product by an outdoor setting consisting with cloudless sky, fresh tress, and clear waters. The dual colors of the sky combining with a smooth reflection of the water provide a very soothing and relaxing image. Additionally, with the person standing next to the lake and a dog chasing after a stick, the Jeep vehicle blends perfectly to the environment due to its 4×4 capabilities and a rugged look.

This ad portray a message that by owning a Jeep vehicle would provide a more calm and peaceful lifestyle. Another magazine that was discovered during my research is Seventeen. This magazine targets mainly teenage females in teens to younger twenties and are interested in fashion pop culture and music. Most articles are about fashion and how appearances are very important and crucial within the teen years. I discovered an advertisement for a Jeep vehicle which has a similar appearance to the one previous displayed by TIME magazine.

In the Targeting a New World, Turow stated that, “the creation of customized media materials will likely takes this lifestyle segregation further. It will allow, even encourage, individuals to live in their own personally constructed worlds, separated from people and issues they don’t care about or don’t want to be bothered with. ” This ad, however, promotes its product by an extreme setting due to the fact that the vehicle and the female person next to it are standing near a cliff. The layers formation of the cliff portrays a sort of a level of accomplishment in his/her lifestyle.

By being on top of that layer signifies a new level of independence, impendence to be free. This ad appeals to young female teens by portraying that owning a Jeep vehicle would allow a sense of it’s individually. Settings of the two advertisements display a lot of comfort, portraying a fantasy stressful-free life that many would enjoy. A place even I would like to enjoy having. The only difference between the ads are the style and audience its being advertising to. Both cars really stand out in the ads because the background is slightly blurred out and the color of the surroundings is mostly dark.

The two advertisements have similarities. For instance, the ads both contain the sepia colors of the background providing the viewer the remembrance of outdoor colors. Advertising has grown into a great business; therefore most of the advertising today is tasteful. Advertisers have learned to use techniques that appeal to the senses, such as taste, sight, sound, and even emotions. Consumers have to make their own decisions about buying products they see advertised; therefore advertisers should be fair and true about the usefulness and effectiveness of their products.