Advertising Techniques

The advertising techniques used to promote products, ideas or services and persuade consumers to purchase it. There are a lot of advertising techniques. Such techniques as testimonial, bandwagon, weasel words, card stacking, name calling are generally used to attract public’s attention. Testimonial or celebrity endorsement is a technique in which someone famous that people like and respect speaks for the product. For example, Michael Jordan for Nike shoes. Using bandwagon the advertiser tries to make you feel like everyone else has the product and if you don’t have it, you’re left out.

Weasel words aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact it hasn’t been. In technique card stacking there is stressing the positive qualities and completely ignoring the negative qualities of the product. Name calling is comparing one product to another and saying it is weaker or inferior in quality or taste. Improper advertising is prohibited by law unfair, unreliable, knowingly false and other advertisements.

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Unfair advertising contains incorrect comparisons of the advertised good with other goods and misleads the consumer in regard to the advertised good. For example, commercial of abstergent “AOS” in which showed a cruet of another abstergent alike “Fairy”. It’s a prohibited imitation of image of another good then “AOS”. Unreliable advertising contains information that does not correspond to reality. For example, advertising of goods where consumer is offered to buy to 2 goods at the price of 1 when in fact the price contains cost of 2 goods.

Knowingly false advertising is one that helps the advertiser intentionally to mislead an advertising consumer. For example, the advert of “AlfaInsurance” with slogan “Papers should be moved faster”. But in fact KASKO payouts are gone for 6 months. Another type of improper advertising is hidden advertising. It’s mainly used on TV and in movies. For example, in sitcom “Farther’s daughters” heroes are always eating vitamins “Pikavit”, in sitcom “My glorious nursemaid” the protagonist used cosmetics Avon.