In this essay I will be choosing two contrasting advertisements, which are both trying to sell a product. They use very different techniques to advertise their particular product in a positive way. I will be exploring these techniques and how they are successful at getting the audiences attention and keeping it through out the advertisement, therefore successfully selling their product. My first advertisement is the ‘Maybelline water shine nail colour’ advertisement; it stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, a popular American actress who has starred in teen popular programmes and films, and so is well known to the public.

This advertisement really stands out amongst the others, because from the first clip it is bright, fast paced with modern music. It is relatively short at twenty seconds long, but in that time, I feel the advertisement has done enough to reach the viewer. In the opening clip we see Sarah Michelle Gella with perfectly painted nails, in a hot pink colour, which means you cannot miss them. Not only are her nails perfect, but also her make-up on her face. The camera is focused on her top half of her body at this stage, but in the second clip it zooms in on her face, where her hands are placed.

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As the camera zooms in the actress starts to speak, she says ‘maybelline shine has reached a new level’, the words are echoed on to the screen in words, this is a good technique because it means they are impossible to ignore. The words also suggest that if you buy this product you will be up to date with the latest produces and trends, which most people want to be. In clip 3 we see the actual product, the nail polish bottle. It flies on to the screen, using special computer affects and lands next to the full name of it. This means we know exactly what to ask for in the shop and exactly what to look for.

The voice over also says the name, in full, which some how makes it sound more important, she says ‘Maybelline’s new water shine nail colour from Maybelline New York’, which sounds a lot more appealing than ‘maybelline’s new nail varnish’. So words are defiantly an important technique used by the maker of this advertisment. In the next clip we see the actress getting out of an expensive, fashionable red car, she is wearing a dress, which matches her nail polish and has a good figure, along with a big smile. The camera zooms out to watch her walk away from the car.

This suggests that even though you are only buying a small nail varnish, you could get a life style like this, so in fact they are selling her life style as an incentive to purchase their product. Clip five is a simple close up of nail varnish strokes, sampling some of the colours available, over this the actress says ‘Bold, bright, just polished, wet look locked in for 5 days. ‘ This telling us what we could get from the product, and following this clip we cut to two quick clips, one of some feet in water, with the nail varnish on, which tells us that the product is suitable for feet as well as hands, which broadens the products potential.

The second is a fixed camera shot of a nail being painted in one single stroke, suggesting this is all you have to do to get perfectly painted nails, this would appealing to many people who don’t have much time to do things like that, again widening the products uses. In clip eight, we have a close-up of the actress again, she says, ‘it’s the future of shine’ which again suggests that if you buy the product you will have the best on the market. The voice over again says the name and we have another viewing of the nail polish bottle to reminds us of what they are advertising.

This advertisement ends with the happy looking actress walking along, swinging her handbag, the camera tracks to follow her movements. The voice over says the company’s slogan ‘maybe she’s born with it, maybe its maybelline’, which is well known to the public. This advertisement keeps its fast pace from start to finish with sharp, quick, descriptive sentences, along with a modern backing track which chants ‘shine, shine, shine’. I think this advert is very successful as it stands out from others. It works because it is so upbeat and lively.

The popular actress means that people might want to buy the product if they know she wears it. This advert was shown in the commercial break of a televised Britney Spears concert. The audience watching this would have been largely teenagers, and I think this works well to draw a teenagers attention. My second advertisement is the KFC advertisement. KFC is a well-known fast food make. The target, like the Maybelline advertisement is to sell and to make money. This advertisement has a larger target audience, as everyone eats, males and females, the Maybelline advertisement was purely aimed at females.

In a way this means this advert has a harder job of advertising their product. The advertisers would probably concentrate on those people who have busy life-styles, who need food on the go and want cheap, satisfying food quickly. If this is the case the advertisers have been very clever in this advertisement they have advertised a product which prides itself on being fast ironically in a relaxing laid back advert. This encourages the viewer to think that even if they are very busy KFC’s product and restaurants will make them relaxed.

The media is constantly telling us that we as a country are getting busier and busier, and this advertisement has picked up on that factor. Everybody wants to be relaxed. This advertisement is much more simple than the Maybelline advertisement, the pace is very slow, despite being a similar length in time. The advertisement is set in a record shop; we see a close up of a ‘normal’ looking man putting a record on and then we see four or five people dancing and eating KFC around the shop.

These people seem to be trying to represent all communities; we have men and women, black and white. Like the Maybelline advertisement we see that this trying to sell a life style, although a more realistic one. This advertisement is a lot easer to relate to because of the simple ness of it. It doesn’t appear to be selling anything other than food. This advertisement is film using longer shots, unlike the Maybelline one, which cuts from scene to scene extremely quickly to keep up the fast-pace.

The camera generally uses a pan movement, and a track movement to follow the people around the room, although does use a lot of close-ups on the food, and so we do know what the advertisement is selling to us. The camera angles are not over complicated, as the makers don’t want to over complicate a simple product. The two main techniques used in this advertisement are music and captions. The music I think is the most important; it is what attracted me to this in the first place. It is a cooled laid back style of music, which puts you in a relaxed state of mind, and makes you think that the restaurants will be the same, relaxed and laid back.

The second is captions; no voiceover is used in this advert until the very end, which I think is wise, as you do not want to be distracted from the music. Descriptive words are put on to the screen using graphics. For example; ‘delicious’ and ‘mouth watering’. Again these are not over complicated. So, to summarise, both advertisements are trying to sell a product, but both go about it very differently. The Maybelline nail polish advert is trying to appeal to young females and so is upbeat, fast moving and is selling a celebrity life style, using Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The KFC advertisement needs to appeal to everyone, and uses ‘normal, every day’ people and is relaxed and carefully crafted to make us think that if we purchase the product then we will be laid back too. The main techniques used in both advertisements are captions and music. Without the music the paces would not be defined and without the captions we wouldn’t know what we would get from our purchase. The factor that these advertisements have in common is the fact that they are selling a life style along with their product, a different kind, but still a life style.