Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogs

Blogs are websites that are organized by blog posts, these are individual bits of information about the topic that certain blog focuses on. After time the posts build up forming an archive of information that anyone on the internet can view and comment on; forming a discussion between multiple people with their own views and experiences helping other people become more knowledgeable on that certain topic.

Since 2003 there have been 70 million blogs created which all cover a wide range of variety of topics; they give normal people the power of the media by being able to share and exchange information on the internet, but with a personal touch that appeals to certain groups of people on the internet. Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogs Advantages Blogs are a great way to express personal opinions on any topic; giving you freedom of speech It’s an easy way to share knowledge and experiences with other people.

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As well as learning new information from other people who blog. Make friends online, you can meet new people who share the same interests as you and find out about them on their blogs. Can be used as a diary, where you can express your thought and feelings You can make just as much money with a blog as you can with a website. The amount you make simply depends on how many readers you have, and how much traffic you have coming to your blog. A blog is also a great place for you to help others by offering free information, tutorials and answer questions.

You can share your personal stories on how you achieved something, or overcame a personal struggle. Blogging platforms are usually free to use. The only time you pay is if you want additional services, and if you want your own domain name you would have to purchase that as well. They are also very easy to use, but at the same time they allow you to create professional looking blogs. You do not need to know any HTML or CSS as there are many templates which you can choose from to suit the style for your business. Blogs are a great way to help you build a brand.

They allow you to interact with your customers and obtain honest testimonials which are essential to any legitimate online business. If you have a business website, then you can use your blog to keep your customers informed of sales and promotions and other news which your customers may be interested in. Disadvantages Need to keep it constantly updated otherwise you lose potential readers. They are easy to start and hard to maintain A blogging platform such as blogger or wordpress gives you little control over the look and feel of your site even though there are many templates for you to choose from.

However, if you know CSS, and HTML you can customize the layouts on some blogging platforms The thing with blogs is that your new content will bury your old content in the archives making it more difficult for your readers to find it. At the same time however, you can take the time to link to your most important posts. Anyone can read your blogs and find out information about yourself, so you need to be careful about what you post about yourself on blogs. Also you can’t post anything that is copyright.