Firstly I would like to identify the three major domains of development that characterize adult development. These domains include; physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development. Each domain has its own sub development. For example, physical development consists of aging; such as hair color changes, health deterioration and (what we totally despise) the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Other factors are changes (growth of hair and development of “tools” on both genders) growth (teething and growing in height) and maturity (females having their menstrual and deepening of the males’ voices) within our bodies.

The next important domain is cognitive development. Cognitive which means mental consists of any human beings ability to think and use logic, remember, study and acquire knowledge/ languages. Lastly we have come to the socio-emotional development. This is an interesting domain because for me it seems to affect the mostly the entire world around us. This domain teaches us how to deal and view the society around us. It explains to us what the norm is with a culture.

It deals with intrapersonal development such as self-esteem, personality and emotions which help us develop as people especially in unknown territory “through everyday usage. ” Why is it important to consider each domain in adult development? I believe that “Change is inevitable. Change is constant. ” — Benjamin Disraeli Each single one of the domains is so intertwined that they cannot be simply ignored.

What would love be without hate or black without white? Provide an example of how one domain impacts the other two. The degree of importance is different depending on the location of the person. For example, I have been living in the Middle East for more than half my life and over here cognitive and physical development are so intertwined that it’s hard to tell them apart. Both domains are linked through “gender-related choices. ” “PYS 202” In many countries there I’ve visited over the years I notice there were many limitations.

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For example, girls cannot play outside because they will get dirty, they cannot play “boy sports” because it’s not a girly thing to do. I cannot talk about the unviable hair on my arm because the locals just don’t talk about it. One major issue is that females are taught that they cannot or should not interact with the other gender because the community will say that they girl is a “shameful” girl/woman. People can’t wear what they like because a “lower class” community just happened to wear the same style.

This last part will bring about the domain of socio-emotional development. So let’s say that a girl is seen talking to a male!! What will happen? The burden of the society is overwhelming. The mother would ask her daughter “what are people going to say about you and me? ” How will I show my face in public? ” In other countries it’s not overwhelming as it is in many tradition Middle Eastern countries. When I was living in the US, I noticed that 99% people didn’t care what they wore or who they talked to and that to me seemed to give more of a area for development.


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