Adopted children deserve to know where they truly came from, as it is necessary to know one’s roots. To satisfy their curiosity, To let go of their frustration and bitterness, to long for comfort from their true flesh and blood, to know their family health history, and to resolve their identity issues are factors why adopted children should meet their true parents. Being an adopted child is really an emotional and painful experience. There are children who are fortunate to belong to an adopted family who treat and love them well.

Most parents, however, do not reveal the truth to their adopted children so as not to hurt them. However, when the adopted children learn the truth, their curiosity will make most of them seek their true identity by trying to search for their biological parents. After all, finding out that their real parents gave them away after birth is such a bitter experience. They become filled with frustration while demanding the reason why their real parents let them go.

Hence, by meeting their biological parents, they may be able to resolve the frustration, curiosity, and bitterness inside. There may also be unfortunate children who were adopted to a cold or even harsh family. As it is human nature to long for comfort, especially from someone who has their blood, it is only natural for them to seek out their biological parents. Knowing the family health history is also another important reason why a child should have the right to know who their biological parents are.

Tracing one’s own history will give a clearer view about his or her identity and genetic background. When adopted children want to have a family of their own, they may able to learn about any genetic diseases they may carry over to the next generation by getting in touch with their biological parents. Finally, learning who their real parents are can also help them resolve their identity issues. Knowing where they come from is like finding a piece of puzzle for them to be whole again. When they find that missing part, it may help them solve their identity issues.

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