ADCAT InsureTech Hackathon, 2018

To all the
solution creators, visionaries, spotless minds and tech trailblazers!

ADCAT (the startup
incubated by HDFC Life) invites you to be a part of the unprecedented
disruption driven by technology and digitization innovations.

As an
ecosystem aggregator, we address the challenges in the domain of insurance and
opportunities triggered by AI and adjacent technologies.

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Expected result

and changed perspective on Insurance!

has long way to go to play an immersive role and secure everything that
actually matters and holds value, though it doesn’t seem impossible. We are
already a witness of key digitization trends being graduated to sustainable
industry practices from mere an idea. By leveraging tech stacks and creating
new pre-sales insurance initiatives further, we can touch lives, shape future and
make a difference.

Our Insurance
Hackathon would try to mitigate the impact of the chaos of data, channelize the innovation and drive the growth. We
want to come together, collaborate and brainstorm with you to change the way we
recommend insurance to our customers, extract meaningful data, and serve our customers,
while data and tech being the founding stones.

to be considered:

You may use any open source
tools, platforms, APIs etc.
The hack submission must
revolve around a business model. The tech stacks used could be Machine
Learning, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Block-Chain, Analytics, AR and VR.
leverage will be appreciated.


The hackathon is over two phases.

Phase I

Submission of your idea and synopsis
of the development wireframe


On or before March 4, 2018


of application or Solution in terms of technical and business innovation

of demonstrable outcome

Phase 2

The announcement of selected participants and an invitation
to work on the prototype of your idea at the corporate office in Mumbai!


March 18-19, 2018

Expected result:

1.       Working prototype

2.       Solutions-based design


The event will also see the participation
of the top representatives of HDFC Life, who will share their feedback and
directions with the participants. 


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