Adapting to change is essential in immersing yourself
successfully in the university environment at Central. This will involve every
part of your life and you might be astonished amid your first days. Just to
mention a couple of cases; adjustments will include study skills, making new
companions and hanging out with them and making other changes at an individual
level. Overall, you should note that you are on your own and this comes with a
lot of responsibilities. This is one of the stages of transitions into adulthood
and it is also the best opportunity to prove that you can succeed in doing so.
This is the time you should learn to rely less on your family and make the best
decisions when it comes to matters having to do with your own life.

main agenda of you being in any university is to study and to obtain your degree.
This will probably involve a little more effort. It is a great idea to figure
out how you can study best by developing different methods of learning to suit
your lifestyle and the demands of your courses. Ensure that you are good at time
management by using the study method that makes the most efficient use of your time.
Once you have mastered this, it will be much easier to grasp academic success.
Additionally, there is a likelihood that college courses will be a bit more
demanding compared to high school classes, therefore, be ready to burn extra
energy in the classroom and in the library.

already mentioned, your life is your own and therefore you should know how to
take charge of it. It is all about academics, your life, and your social life,
but what comes first is your studies. When it comes to your homework, always
stay on top of it, for it takes no energy to fall behind. For the sake of
avoiding stress, always follow the syllabus in order to stay organized in
everything you do. Always do your homework on time and even work ahead if
possible. Procrastination is one of the most poisonous habits which many
students face in colleges and universities, therefore in order to spare
yourself from being required to spend sleepless nights working on a late
assignment or a project, make sure that all your notes, homework, assignments, and
projects are always up to date.

thing you should be reminded of is that the amount you learn from your studies is
largely dependent on the outcome of your hard work and commitment. The time you
allocate for your studies and other activities to help boost you towards
achieving academic success positively impacts your grades. Simply put, the
gateway to success in your academic endeavors is largely dependent on your
commitment and engagement. More so, you should always know how to balance your
time and commitments well; do not forget you are still a social being.

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            Finally, for your brain and other
parts of your body to function well, you should always make sure that you stay
healthy. Always be on watch when it comes to your health by making sure that
you eat well, exercise, and get a sufficient amount of sleep. Even though this
might at times be overlooked by most new college students, it is better to know
that it would be detrimental if you did not keep good track of it. Take care of
your own life and be the master of your academic, private, and social life.
Make your time at Central the best moments of your life by staying responsible.


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