Activism  we all know it as a way of going against society by protesting in a variety of ways such as vandalism, riots, etc. But what do we call activist that protest online? A Hacktivist. A hacktivist is a hacker that hacks for the purpose to inform others of what they are not allowed to know about what their government is doing. Hacktivism is one of the more extreme ways to be an activist because you would be continuously going into the internet and either editing it, sharing it with others or you are destroying it. While hacktivism may seem like it is good thing to most people it is still going against the law making it illegal since it is breaking the laws of internet usage by breaking into other peoples websites or accounts editing information, sharing information or destroying information. Hacktivism can take place at any location at any time but can be harder to catch the people who did it since the hacktivist would have to hide their computer from the internet making them untraceable on most of the internet. Hacktivist are usually professional hackers that have a reason for hacking other people, organizations and governments with their reason mainly being to help bring peace, to keep others safe, give others more rights or to help promote a movement.Anonymous a hacktivist group that claims to be a liberal group protect the freedom of the internet and safety of the internet. Anonymous is scattered all throughout the world and are still able to be a well organized group. Anonymous is a group that has been able to avoid being found for years and has been able to access multiple accounts, companies, organizations and governments. Anonymous has helped other hacker groups  and people who have tried to help make the internet or world a better place by giving them access to information that can give a leverage with the competition, could help others understand what all is going on or they weaken a target’s security so that the group that is trying to gain access to the targeted account, website, or computer can get into it easier than it would have been without them. Anonymous has been around since 2003 and since then they have already become one of the most known hacktivist groups as well as one of the most feared. Anonymous has also hacked terrorist groups such as ISIS, racial groups such as the KKK(Ku Klux Klan),and other groups that use the internet to cause harm to people. Anonymous has revealed the locations of multiple groups and has messed with all of the accounts of each group for example ISIS had all of their twitter accounts hacked by anonymous having all of them containing gay porn on each of their pages. Internations problems such as north korea’s missile launch as well as their satellite launch have been hacked into and have been disabled or has been taken over with anonymous holding the switch to reactivate them.  Anonymous  has been well known for some some of the groups companies and organizations such as the australian government in operation titstorm. Operation ttistorm was caused by the austrailionn government passing a legislation that would block porn featuring female ejaculation and women who looked underage due to their lack of chest size as a result anonymous shut down the parliament house website and almost took down the department of communications website. Anonymous has also hacked a website called because they found out that the website was talking about them in a negative way leaving anonymous with only one option to go and hack the website. The attack happened in three waves first they flooded the site’s message board forcing it to shut down, following a bunch of them getting hit with DDoS attacks which crippled the site then went in for the kill and defaced SOHH’s homepage with racial slurs and images. The site was later taken down and the FBI was called in to investigate the nature of the attack which SOHH employees saw as a hate crime due to its racist nature.  Anonymous was also responsible for youtube porn day as a response to youtube suspending the account of an anonymous member who uploaded music videos to his channel.


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