My Action Plan – for my certificate of personal effectiveness

For my certificate of personal effectiveness (COPE), I was given the opportunity to enrol in a 10 week enrichment activity, after I had completed my 12 week placement. There were 3 activities which were; Dance, Community Relations, First aid and Deaf Awareness. Before we were given the chance to enrol in an activity, Mrs Walker gave a presentation on each activity and how we should go about choosing one. I also discussed with Dr McCarthy which activity would be more beneficial to me, as I want to take up a career in Sport.

After careful consideration I decided to enrol in Dance. In Dance you have a 10 week course were you learn 3 dances, which are; the Cha-Cha, the Salsa and the Jive. And after the 10 week course you have a practical assessment, were you can earn an Irish Dance Bronze medal and certificate. I chose Dance because I am a very active person and this is a great way of exercising and reliving stress. And I also chose Dance as I felt it would be beneficial if I were to take up a job in Sport.

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I collected my information for my Dance activity from; Mrs Walkers presentation, talking to Dr McCarthy and from my Dance instructor Mr Clarke. The only factor which affected my decision making of my activity was; the availability of the courses, as it was first come first serve. As I had wanted to do First Aid but it was already fully booked and then I decided to enrol in dance.

For Dance I have made Goal, which is to improve my dance skills, so I may use them in later life and so it will help me in my hopeful career of a PE teacher and lastly to achieve my Irish Dance Bronze medal and certificate. To help me to achieve this goal I have set three targets which are; to practice my dances at home, to dance as well as my partner or how well my partner allows me to dance and my last target is to give 100% in all 3 dances. I have agreed theses targets with Mr Clarke and Mrs Walker, who have made sure my targets and my goal is realistic.

To organise my goal and targets, so I can record my progress and any problems, I have drawn up 3 tables (one for each target) and I have written my goal and target at the top of each sheet to remind me what I am aiming for and I have included 6 boxes in each table were I can record any progress or problems in. I chose this format as it is simple and allows me to record great amounts of information.