Accuracy of Resources

In the present technologies and innovations that we have, it is evident that information is one of the most fluid due to its availability to the public. The internet had been one of the most helpful and accessible way for many people to obtain information that is unfamiliar to them. Although the information is much available for many, different and complex problems also arise due to the easy access to such materials. With this situation, there is a huge tendency that the information available could be changed into something truly different from the real meaning or understand of things.

The availability of these types of changed information leads many people to be misled and believe that what they have accessed is real information. The world almanac is one of the oldest and most known sources of information. It has all the information available to the public but its availability could not be compared to the internet today. Almanacs are often seen only in public libraries and are not available in the household of people. One of the subjects that are available in the world almanac is about religions. All different kinds of religions are available to be seen by anyone.

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But what if a friend tells me that the world almanac is the best way to understand and get information about some religions. With this situation, I believe that I need to take a look at the information first before truly believing my classmate. I do believe that every person has there own decision and choices but I also need to be fair and just. Therefore, I need to examine the information given by the world almanac. Upon checking the world almanac, I realized that all the major religions in the world are given the equal information.

The religions that are available were: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Upon checking the document that presents the information about world religions in the almanac, I personally think that it is not an adequate material in truly seeing the information about world religions. Although it is a material could be used every once in a while to have a basic background of these religions, it is not enough to fully understand the religions at hand. The information is very general and could also be seen in various internet sites which are very much available to the public.

Details and a deeper understanding of the religions are not given emphasis which is disappointing in some sense. But as we all know, the almanac only provides the most general information which is one of its strongest flaws. The almanac also has the tendency to provide statistical information about these religions but they do not provide information about the people that are practicing these. There is a feel of having limitations and gaps between the person reading the almanac and the information written in the book. A person cannot experience nor have a full idea of how the information is seen by the author.

Almanacs are much more focused on the technical information of the religion which is not sufficient to experience the principles of these religions. In order for a person to get information regarding a religious belief, it must be experienced by a person willing to learn and understand the technicalities in a deeper level. An individual must be willing to do and exercise the beliefs of these religions. He or she should be willing to interact with people that practice these types of religions in order to grasp real information that could not be found in books such as almanacs, encyclopedias or the internet.

Through having authentic and first hand information a student would be able to write his or her genuine experiences and captivate the reader as well. With my points given, I do believe that the almanac is not a written work that could be sufficient in getting to know a specific religion. The almanac gives technical and general information that other books and internet websites also have. It is a good that the almanac provides as a good source for research but it will not be giving enough information for a student that needs so a final exam paper for his or her class.

The information available from personal experiences will and interview to people that are practicing such beliefs are more adequate to be written in a paper. The literatures of such religions such as their sacred texts should be read in order to comprehend and analyze the condition of these religions. In conclusion, religions could not be understood only by looking at a book written by someone that is most likely unknown from the readers. Books do present information but it is still the reader’s decision on how he or she will interpret it.

Books are only materials that could be changed and revised after a few months or so but having authentic experience about the practice of religion makes a person more attached and compassionate in studying such subjects. If having an experience with these religions is impossible, to do it is better for the student to find written articles and books that truly captures the authentic information that must be used in the final exam. In the end, having the proper information is really important in order to fully comprehend their beliefs and their situation. Having misleading information also leads to conflicts or prejudice against the religions.