According to President Harry S.Truman, “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” In this essay, I will be discussing what it means to be an American and how has events from the 20th-century help shape modern Americans identity today. In my eyes to be an American intends to have benefits, rights, and freedom. America has its flaws yet, it is one of the main nations that have rights given to individuals of various assorted diversities and genders. According to a survey from the Center for a New American Dream, 78 percent of people considered personal freedom extremely important in their vision of the American Dream. At the opposite end, 23 percent considered achieving affluence as very important. There is so much more to being a patriot or a citizen. To be an American means advance. We developed from a world led by white men to a universe of equivalent opportunity. America does not have too much poverty. Rather we have options given to us by the people who battled and died for American people. Without George Washington and other patriots who planted the main seed in the ground and help plant the American country, we live in now who knows what type of country America would be now. I feel just as other individuals from other nations just aren’t as fortunate as me and different Americans that live in the U.S. We have flexibility and openings while in different countries there are considerably more guidelines to pass by which most of the time no freedom at all. Were discussing the right to speak freely, flexibility of doing anything you want, opportunity of showing individuals anything you may want them to see. We have the privilege of doing whatever we need however we likewise have consequences for your actions. For instance, you can rob a bank however the outcome will be imprisonment. Being an American is a feeling that astonishes me in such ways. I feel like we would all still be joined together regardless of what happens. Being an American is having the benefits of good employment, living in great conditions, a source of food, essentially living better lives than others that may live in destitution in various nations around the world. We have shelters for the homeless which furnishes them with food, clothing and a bed to rest in. Regardless of in what circumstance we might be it’s as if we’re never alone in this world since we have so many people that care regardless of your identity to them, whether you know them or not, we do know to respect and treat them the same. Being an American likewise implies I can live in a domain that doesn’t have ethnic cleansing as what is going on in the Middle Eastern today or, for example, the battling between various religions like in Northern Ireland.This identity, who we are as Americans, has been impacted by major events in our history, World War I is, of course, no exception to this. World War I greatly impacts how Americans viewed their own country and less to a further growth of nationalism and exceptionalism. After the war, our economy slowly changed, adapting to the peace after the war. This resulted in more jobs and opportunities for Americans as new technologies were invented. The work women had done in World War I validated them as a workforce, allowing many more women to have jobs. This rise in opportunity for Americans as result of World War I left many optimistic about their lives as a country today. Thanks to those people, all can rise out of poverty and make a better life for themselves. After all, that is what the American dream.The 19th amendment was a push for generations of women to fight for the equality. Women are still contributing to getting equality in the United States such as Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Clinton. These women show how far America identity has become since the pass of the 19th Amendment. Oprah Winfrey has established the Oprah Winfrey Foundation which encourages empowerment and helping children around the world. Hilary Clinton became the first female senator of the state of New York from 2001-2009. She has done a lot of work in foreign policy for the United States such as relations with Russia and Pakistan. Also, Clinton established the Clinton Foundation to focus on early childhood development.Woman’s Suffrage or 19th Amendment helps shape modern U.S identity because this is what they offer today: a promise for women to have the same rights as men. The United States including women in their decisions and work is a difference for the better of America in comparison to depending only on the men. An important population that can influence change in the American society is a big deal is they’re ignored. It’s an ongoing journey towards equality but having an equal contribution from both sexes as a unified society creates a better life for those in the United States and those in the future.The American Identity during the Cold War shifted from supporting the containment of communism to the hatred of any war. The Cold War has shaped modern Americans to protest the government and stand up for what was right in the eyes of an American. Americans take pride in winning the space race and adored dominance and power that the United States has as a major world power. Americans now have been shaped into true Americans with a superior attitude that can be used to the greater good of the world.American Identity has changed over time, but many of the same beliefs that were held before the founding of the country are still relevant and influence who Americans are today.


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