to Newman (2015) the infant brain develops within a relationships context in
which “structural and functional networks are shaped by the nature and quality
of early caregiver-infant interactions.” Brain development being dependant on
experiences has continuously been demonstrated in studies on groups of
children. Throughout those studios, children have been visible to early uncharacteristic
caregiving environments. Early disruptions to the caregiver-child relationships
have resulted in modifications of specific brain regions implicated in
emotional regulation.

A child’s principal needs in their first year it to form strong and stable
attachments securely. That attachment needs to be a loving and emotional
relationship with at least one caregiver that child is reliant upon. If this
attachment isn’t formed, the child’s brain development will be affected,
(Parents Centre, 2018). One particular element that could be damaged is a
child’s capacity for compassion towards others. Children who often display
attachment problems whether it is due to neglect, abuse or trauma are often
diagnosed with

·      Oppositional defiant
disorder (ODD)

·      Conduct disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD)

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K (2017) states that clinicians have suggested that child who were adopted after
the age of 6 months have a larger risk of attachment issues. Research has shown
that early attachments have a serious impact on later relationships in a
person’s life. Children who have encountered a secure attachment to a specific
or multiple caregivers during their childhood have demonstrated good
self-esteem when they become adults, and have healthier longer-lasting
relationships, (Cherry, K, 2017).
Children who form stronger attachments tend to be

·      More resilient

·      More independent

·      Perform better in school

·      Have more successful

·      Experience less
depression and anxiety 


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