According for grading should be clearly stated before

to Pollard, A. and Triggs, P. (1997) Reflective Teaching in Secondary
Education. London :Continuum, Hidden Curriculum is all that is learnt in school
that is not a part of the official curriculum. Earlier the curriculum in
schools mainly focused on students passing exams and preparing them to get a
job.  As one is now aware of how school curriculum
teaches us right from left, as well as right from wrong. If schools see the
need to implement hidden curriculum it should be to encourage creativity and
help the students to grow as independent thinkers, the school should clearly
outline its rules and regulations based on achieving this goal. The hidden
curriculum can be embedded in the traditional class in such a way that it has a
positive impact on the students.

mission of the school will have to be progressive with changing times. The
teachers of the school would be brand ambassadors to carry out this mission. So
they will need to be properly trained, motivated and aligned with this thought

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teachers should always lead by example. If the school expects students to come
smartly dressed, even the teacher must always do so. There should be a high
level of expectation of work from all the students all through the school. The
rubrics used for grading should be clearly stated before the submissions and a
detailed feedback provided after. The consequence for any action or behavior of
the student should be standard across the school. The school could follow
having a buddy system or work groups to help discuss the concepts discussed in
class or to remind each other of deadlines or pool in their resources. Regular
class observations by peers as well as management will help ensure that the
lessons delivered are in line with the school policies.

 One of the points of the intended hidden
curriculum could be to prevent bullying in school. Instead of waiting for
someone to be bullied and then take action, during regular class activities,
teachers can teach various hidden values like respect, self confidence, tolerance,
self discipline, empathy, inclusion, goal setting, learning to learn and reflection.