According (Lisa Wolff, 1998) depressioncan be considered as one of the most treatable diseases of the mind. It is importantto treat depression before the symptoms become more severe which cause a personto be driven to acts of violence against himself or others. Because when aperson is depressed, they do not see things clearly and are not thinking in arational way. Depression treatment can be given in various ways these day,including behavior therapy, forms of talk session and antidepressants medicine(Lisa Wolff, 1998). Through proper treatment, the person will overcome thedepressed state of mind and started to enjoy life again (Aron Halfin, 2007).Psychoanalysis is one methods of treating depression that being introduced in the latenineteenth century by Sigmund Freud, a Viennese physician (Lisa Wolff, 1998). Psychoanalytictreatment is highly individualized and seek to show how the unconscious factorsaffect behavior patterns, relationships, and overall mental health.

Treatmenttraces the unconscious factors to their behaviors through helping patients discoverand overcome the challenges they face in life (National PsychologicalAssociation for Psychoanalysis, 1998). Psychoanalysis seeks to explain thecomplex relationship between the body and the mind and furthers theunderstanding of the role of emotions in medical illness and health. Inaddition, psychoanalysis is the basis of many other approaches to therapy (Farrell,1981). Psychoanalysis understand depression as a problem in coming to termswith loss. According to (Lisa Wolff, 1998) all people experience a period of sadnessafter had a loss of family members, parents or a child, but most of the themneed to learn to work through it and accept the loss.

Depressed people,however, are preoccupied with loss as their feelings of sadness and grief takeover their lives, preventing them from responding to positive events (LisaWolff, 1998).