accomplishments Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (Mia Hamm

accomplishments in soccer. One was in 1997 Mia was named Sportswoman of the year (Mia Hamm Success Story). In 2001 and 2002 Mia was awarded with FIFA World Player of the year (Mia Hamm Success Story). In 2006 Mia was put into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (Mia Hamm Success Story). Mia also was put into another sports hall of fame in 2008 in Texas (Mia Hamm Success Story). Mia worked very hard and earned all those awards because she was in four FIFA’s and was also a key player in the Atlanta Olympics (Sutori). Her first FIFA was in China, second in Sweden, and the third and fourth were in the United States (Sutori). Mia also was in the Olympics for soccer and was a great asset to the team (Mia Hamm Success Story). It was a huge deal when Mia’s team went to the Olympics because it was the first Olympics with women’s soccer (Hamm, Mia).  When Mia’s team went to the Olympics the crowd was the largest it had ever in been for a women’s sporting event and in Olympic history. (Mia Hamm Success Story).  In the game Mia made two assists to teammates Tiffeny Milbrett and Shannon Macmillan and she also scored herself (Hamm, Mia).  There were 76,481 people in crowd and many of them were thrilled to see the United States win the gold medal (Mia Hamm Success Story).  The night after the Olympics is when Mia’s fame skyrocketed (Hamm, Mia).Then on September 18th, Mia Hamm scored her one hundredth international goal and in 1999 Mia surpassed the current record holder for most international goals by scoring one hundred and eight (Sutori). Mia had the most goals internationally with one hundred and fifty eight goals (Sutori). She was the record holder until June 2013 (Sutori). The funny thing was she only made two hundred seventy five appearances (Mia Hamm Success Story). Most professional soccer players can’t earn a full living from soccer but Mia was definitely an exception (Hamm, Mia).