The case study presented shows rational factors and biases about the events portrayed, involving a motor vehicle accident. This accident will be analyzed to show distinctiveness, consistency and consensus, and will provide evidence about the situation involving Steve Brown. The resulting actions will be discussed and analyzed from the perspective of the shift supervisor. The series of events show the rational factors and how blame is being apportioned to Steve Brown by the other driver.

However considering Steve’s exemplary record it is possible to attribute blame to external factors, the weather and the other driver. The level of consistency here shows that Steve’s performance on similar tasks has been good, and that he has never performed poorly before this accident. Therefore as shift supervisor it would be possible to attribute blame onto the other driver or the environmental circumstances instead of Steve.

Looking at the general consensus, the plant manager sees the delivery department as being a general problem for the company, and had made a point of ensuring delivery drivers try and drive carefully instead of recklessly. The view of events that occurred can show that Steve was not driving recklessly due to the attribution theory discussed and the fact that external factors have played a key role in causing the accident. In this case there is an argument for Steve Brown, which should be passed on to the Plant Manager, even considering the different aspects of attribution theory.

The observer bias is confirmed as Steve blames external factors, which supports the self-serving bias he is displaying by claiming he has never had a problem and that the failure this time is due to someone else. The negative outcome bias is not likely to happen under these circumstances and the apology effect has occurred after Steve apologized for the accident. Therefore as shift supervisor no disciplinary action should be taken, and this fact should be relayed to the Plant Manager who should ensure that no action is taken against Steve for this accident, as insurance should take care of the costs.

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