Abstract—With people are searching smarter ways to protect/monitor

Abstract—With the emergence of new
technology and innovations, people are searching
smarter ways to protect/monitor their properties remotely. In accordance to
that, at present GPS based tracking system is frequently used in vehicle
tracking, children/pet tracking, aircraft tracking, any personal belongings
tracking, fleet management and so on. This paper introduces a Smart Anti-Theft
Vehicle System based on Internet of Things (IoT) for monitoring the movement of
any equipped vehicle from anywhere in real time. At the implementation of this
system, Global Positioning System (GPS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
and Microcontrollers are used to enable users for monitoring their vehicles in
a convenient manner. This system provides the access to check the movement and
control (emergency stop by closing the fuel line) vehicles remotely by using
mobile application. The hardware prototype of the proposed system and the user
application for monitoring and controlling vehicles are presented in this

of things; Raspberry pi; Wi-Fi;

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I.      Introduction

 With the increase in applications of various
embedded technology, vehicle security system design and tracking are improving.
Many new techniques, like image processing, communication via biometric
recognition and so many interesting techniques have been implemented in vehicle
security systems. Simultaneously, the number accident of vehicles and vehicle
theft still remains high. We believe this system can create a better impact in
controlling accidents by monitoring over speed. Normally vehicle security
system depends on many sensors which are not affordable by everyone. It is
almost impossible to track a stolen or missing vehicle without the help of
sensors. So our paper aims to overcome the existing problem of vehicle theft by
monitoring and blocking the over speed vehicles without using sensors. The main
objective is to measure the signals and to interface them with HDMI monitor
which are then transmitted to the webpage through Raspberry pi to the traffic
constable and the vehicle owner’s Mobile using IoT. The Vehicle engine immobilizer
using GSM already exists. But it has drawbacks like, high roaming costs,
tampering of calls and need for an external module for interfacing
Microcontroller etc. By implementing IoT we can overcome these drawbacks.
Internet of thing (IoT) is an advanced technology which helps devices to stay
connected among them. Each and every smart device can communicate with each
other with the help of Network. Internet is used everywhere from small mobiles
till high end data servers. There are billions of devices which can be accessed
or connected using IoT as shown in Fig-1. They can be paired together and
exchange data across, or remote login to make life simpler. This paper presents
a combined effort to bring the Automotives & Android System together to
serve the Purpose of vehicle tracking. A smart phone has over-ruled almost many
devices together and now we can use the same for the purpose of Centre locking
the vehicle and tracing if missed. The proposed design provides information
regarding vehicle Identity, speed, and position on real time basis. These in
formations are collected by the raspberry pi and send to the control station
where it stores the information in database. The outline of this project is
that, the stolen vehicle’s data will be collected from the owner, and is given
to the police. Then the stolen vehicle’s data will be retrieved from the
database and transmitted to receiver (Raspberry pi). The receiver processes the
data which results in blocking of the engine. Also, to block over speeding vehicles,
the speed data is given from the transceiver and transmitted to the web page.
This information is used to block the over speeding vehicle.


Fig. 1 Block diagram
representation of interconnection of devices using IoT