Abstract uses four sensors to measure the respective

Abstract – Induction motor
monitoring is a fast budding online technology for finding embryonic faults. As
wired connectivity is hazardous for human being, the wireless monitoring system
preferred to avoid faults occurs at the moment of operation. A low priced
system for monitoring the parameters such as temperature, current, voltage and
speed of Induction Motor as well as controlling the system with wireless ZigBee
technology described in this paper. This system uses four sensors to measure
the respective parameters of Induction Motor. These measured parameters are
sensed by ZigBee coordinator. ZigBee coordinator transfers all these data to
the ZigBee End Device which is connected to computer through USB to TTL. By
using the computer interfacing with ZigBee module motor can start and stop and
system get sheltered.


Key Words: Induction Motor, ZigBee Module, Current, Voltage, Speed, Temperature.

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In industrial sector,
single phase and three phase power system widely used for domestic, commercial
and industrial purpose. Induction motors are easy to design and available at
cheap cost, low maintenance, easy to repair and reliable. Although, it is
reliable some inexpedient stresses occur in it which results in the failure of
induction motor. Therefore, parameters monitoring of an induction motor are use
to expose the initial faults.

The necessity for
monitoring has increased because of the widespread use of automation and
ultimately mitigates the human efforts. This system is used to correct the machine
problems before the occurrence of failure. Digital monitoring and classical
monitoring are two monitoring techniques. A  wired system which is combination of
electrical and mechanical monitoring tools is classical monitoring technique.
It is also called as traditional monitoring technique. Digital monitoring has
various techniques such as microcontroller based protection system but in this
system result is not displayed on the screen. In PLC based protection system
data not stored as well as not exhibit. Digital system is less costly and
reduces time for revealing of defects. ZigBee wireless technology is preferred
today because it overcomes all drawbacks. ZigBee acquire less power consumption
ability with low cost, greater litheness and huge range.



The ZigBee is standard
wireless networking and worked on sensor and remote control applications
operated on selected location .ZigBee technology assemble on IEEE standard

2.1: ZigBee Network

2.2: ZigBee Network







Fig. Block Diagram of proposed System



proposed system consists  of single phase
induction motor , current sensor, voltage sensor, temperature sensor LM35, Hall
effect sensor are used to sense the respective parameters and monitor the
system and relay is used for controlling the system.



Fig. 3.1 (a): Curent Measuring Circuit

3.1 (b): Voltage Measuring Circuit



Flash Magic is PC tool for programming flash based microcontrollers from NXP
using a serial or Ethernet protocol while in target hardware. Flash Magic
software is open source software which installed in PC/Computer. All the parameter
monitoring and controlling system are done by using this software. It is uncomplicated
and spontaneous user interface as well as it can verify involuntarily after
programming. ZigBee End Device is coupled to PC/ Laptop which collect all the records
from ZigBee Coordinator and display it on LCD as well as PC/Laptop screen.


Fig. 3.2: A Simplified Flowchart
Illustrating the Operational Procedure for Proposed system.



In this project, parameters
of single phase induction motor is monitor as well as control by ON/OFF
mechanism with the help of ZigBee Module which supports Wireless Personal Area
Network (WPAN).



The proposed system is
implemented in Department of Electrical Engineering in Electrical Machine
Laboratory at DES’S COET, Dhamangaon (Rly.), (India). During experimental test,
no problem has been observed either communicating the ZigBee Protocol to
computer or integrating hardware unit used for Parameters monitoring as well as
controlling the system.

This system used for
industrial as well as educational sector.



In future this can be
modified for controlling the parameters of induction motor. The proposed system
has limited range due to ZigBee, this can be increase in future using GSM and
Wi-Fi, hence increasing the range.