Abstract similarity which occurs further from the wall,



Flow in pipe, is a type of hydraulics and fluid
mechanics of liquid flow contained by a closed conduit. The dual kind of flow within a
channel is open channel flow. This tow types of flow are
similar in numerous methods, but different in one meam part. The channel flow
have a free surface which is not found in pipe
flow. Flow in pipe, being limited within closed channel, does not apply direct atmospheric
pressure, but it can concern hydraulic pressure on the channel. Dimensions of
skin friction and mean-speed profiles have been made in fully developed flows
in pipes and channels in the Reynolds number. These measurements.

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The measurements by (B. J. McKEON)1.
The mean velocity profiles in fully developed turbulent pipe flow are repeat
using a smaller Pitot probe to decline  the uncertainties due to velocity gradient
corrections. The other static pressure correction (McKeon & Smits 2002) 3
is used in analysing all data and leads to important differences from the
(Zagarola & Smits) (ZS) 4 conclusions. The results verify the presence of
a power-law region near the wall and, for Reynolds numbers bigger than 230×103
(R+ >5×103), a logarithmic region further out, but the
restrictions of these regions and some of the constants differ from those
reported by (Zagarola & Smits). In special, the log law is found for
at a minimum).

In the region 350