positively believe “Online Blood Connect”
system can overcome most of the challenges faced during the process of blood
donation and collection,by effectively connecting the blood donors with the
blood recipients by exchanging the details like blood group, health status, age
and contact details. The registered users can request for the blood at the time
of emergency. Once the request is made the respective blood donors and blood
bank organisations will be notified by email alerts with the recipient’s
details followed by acknowledging the recipient with the number of donors.

system is developed on JSP and HTML platforms and supported by an SQL database
to store information regarding blood and user specific details.

                 Keywords-Recipients, donors,email alerts.

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Online Blood Connect is developed to create an e-Information
sytem which is a web centric application with the details about the donor and
organization that are related to the process of blood donation. Through this
system any person who is interested in donating the blood can register himself
in the same way if any organization wants to register itself with this site
that can also register. Moreover any person who is in the requirement of blood
can also post a request to the available donors and organizations with the help
of request form.To make a request to the donor of particular blood group,
recipient has to fill his details providing the hospital name ,blood group,
number of units required, contact number etc.  
Admin is the main authority who can do addition, deletion, and
modifications if required. This project aims at maintaining all the information
pertaining to blood

                donors, different blood groups




In “The Optimization of Blood Donor Information and
Management System by Technopedia” by P. Priya and V. Saranya 1 have proposed
an efficient and reliable blood donor information and management system based
on GIS integrated in android mobile application. The service provided by the
proposed system is needed and valuable

to health sector where a quality of
the blood is considered for the safety of the patient through a systematic
process by the blood management system. This system will be the solution for
the problems such as wrong information of donors, misuse by third parties and
updating the donated blood by the donor which replaces the older systems. The
proposed system is a web based android application helps us to reduce the human
mistakes which are done in the existing system. The wireless internet technique
enables the flow of data to work more rapidly and conveniently. This is
integrated framework which has a cloud-based application on mobile devices. The
future work of the system is to extend this application to process through SMS
services. By this the contact is hidden from other members. Some other text or
number will be generated on behalf of the original phone number or email. This
can be done without using the internet service where the acceptor sends blood
request to donor by web but whereas the donor receiving the request is just a
simple SMS in mobile. By this there will be secure BTS where strangers can’t
misuse the details of donors and where strangers can become helping hand for
life at emergency situation. In “MBB: A Life Saving Application” by Narendra Gupta,
Ramakant Gawande and Nikhil thengadi 2 have proposed the system that will
link all donors. The system will help control a blood transfusion service and
create a database to hold data on stocks of blood in each area as data on
donors in each city. Furthermore, people will be able to see which patients
need blood supplies via the application. They will be able to register as
donors and thus receive request from their local clients who needs blood to
donate blood in cases of need. In “an android application for volunteer blood
donors” by Sultan Turhan 3 a smart phone’s application for the volunteer
blood donor to increase the willingness and accessibility with the purpose of
providing a continuous blood supply is presented. This application helps health
care centers to provide the blood as quick as possible when their stocks are
insufficient. The application sends periodically actual location information of
available donors to main system and the blood requests to the donors. In this
way, it provides an uninterrupted communication between the health care centers
and volunteer donors. The distance of the volunteer donors to the healthcare
center is an important criterion in the determination of the donors. Therefore
an optimization is also realized on this process. In the initial system, the
distance calculation is made by taking the distance as crow flies. In the
optimized system, it is converted to the actual distance. This optimization
makes the system more realistic. The second improvement is performed on the
system’s infrastructure. Especially, by taking into consideration the rapid
development of mobile device technology which uses Android operating system,
the system has been carried from the from ANT building environment onto Grade
build automation platform. In further studies, we aim the add evaluation of
traffic density between living donors’ locations and healthcare centers to the
living donor selection criteria



Our project aims to overcome the communication barrier by
providing a message alert system to the donor and the recipient. A blood bank
database is created by collection of details from various sources like Blood
banks, donors and registered users through web interface. The data collected
will be maintained in a central server. From the server the alert to the
eligible donors and the blood bank organizations is sent with the details of
the recipient. Our proposed system considerably cuts down on the overheads
involved in referring to a online database and then contacting the donors and
verifying their willingness at a time when there is a critical need for the

This system also has the ability to keep track of the
donor’s donation records and the blood stock in the blood bank. This project
intends to computerize the blood and donor management system in a blood bank in
order to improve the record management efficiency due to the grown size of
records of data.It can also produce a considerable raise in the efficiency and
fastness of contacting a donor during the time of emergency.

                  It contains a set modules




                    Blood camps


Blood donors, recipient and 
the blood banks are   integrated together.
This application provides an    interface
where information sharing is possible. Donors and blood banks can register
online and  reported when the blood is
needed with the aid of message alert. Users of this application can request the
required blood group online by filling the form of details. For the Public and
hospitals, information about blood banks their branches, addresses and details
of the blood donors are readily available.




                        Fig.Context diagram

























                                      IV. CONCLUSIONS

we have
developed a better system which will help in better interaction between the
blood donors, blood banks and recipients. This has a wide usage and will
encourage donors to donate blood by making use of more flexible and efficient

are the contributions of this system towards this cause:

The user
can read information about blood and the basic requirements for a donor.

The donor
can find blood banks in his nearest area via maps or call a blood bank in his
area by the numbers provided in the site.

The blood
banks can send a text message to the donors of particular blood group to
request them to donate blood.

Recipients can
directly contact the donors and blood organizations instead of going through
the entire process of searching and manually connecting with them, this is
facilitated with the help of request form.

between the recipients, donors and organizations is provided by sending a
notification in the form of email alerts.

The system
is scalable and also allows any number of different devices to be added with no
major changes in its core.



             It gives us great pleasure in
presenting this project report titled “Online blood Connect” and we wish to
express our immense gratitude to the people who provided invaluable knowledge
and support in the completion of this project. Their guidance and motivation
has helped in making this project a great success. We express our gratitude to
our project guide Prof. Dr.A.Praveen, who provided us with all the guidance and
encouragement throughout the project development.  We would also like to express our sincere
gratitude to the respective Project Incharge Ass.prof.k.Lakshmi Narayanamma for
providing us the needed assistance, detailed suggestions and also encouragement
to do the project.. We are eager and glad to express our gratitude to the Head
of the Information Technology Dept. Prof. Dr .K. Srinivasa Reddy, for his
approval of this project. We would like to deeply express our sincere gratitude
to our respected principal Prof. Dr.L.V.N.Prasad and the management of
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering for providing such an ideal atmosphere to
build up this project with well-equipped   
library with all the utmost necessary reference materials and up to date
IT Laboratories. We are extremely thankful to all staff and the management of
the college for providing us all the facilities and resources required. 


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