ABSTRACTNile market is an application to be developed and hosted usingsmart web hosting and will be available on the googleplaystore.

The Nile marketwill be designed to provide students with a prime market place where they cansell and buy new or used goods, it also allows business to post ads specific totheir location or area. An application will also be created in this respectcalled NILE MARETPLACE where students can post and view ads comment, buy i andreview products using android devices. As applications have become very important in the life’s of people it isimportant to develop applications that meet the requirements of students. Thecustomers in today’s world are on the move and are using mobile phones, themobile applications provide users with all the information they need. Theproposed system offers customer, sellers, and businesses with all theinformation required for sales of commodity within the Nile University.     1 Introduction:A marketplace, is aplace where goods are sold and bought.

Markets have around since the beginningof time. Over time markets have evolved in different ways.  An online e-commerce marketplace is atype of e-commercesite where product or service information is provided by multiple parties, andthe transactions are done and computed by the marketplace operator.

In anonline ecommerce platform, consumer transactions are processed by the system operatorand then delivered and fulfilled by the participating retailers or seller’s .Othercapabilities in an ecommerce site might include catalogs, ordering and advertplacement.1Marketplaces bringtogether products from a wide array of providers, selection offered is usually wider,and availability is higher than in vendor-specific online retail stores. Alsoprices tend to be more competitive1.

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 An ecommerce mobileapplication provides this same capabilities as a web application but specificallyfor use on Smartphones. The mobile application offers use on multipleplatforms,  Android OS (Google Inc.), Bada(Samsung Electronics),BlackBerry OS (Research In Motion),iPhone OS / iOS(Apple),MeeGo OS (Nokia and Intel),Palm OS (Garnet OS) and Windows Mobile(Windows Phone).2 The ecommerceapplication will be a hybrid application. Hybrid Mobile Applications. Hybriddevelopment combines the best of both the native and HTML5 worlds.

Hybrids aredefined as a web app, primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript. They are developedspecifically for a platform, and take full advantage of all the device featuresthey can use the camera, the GPS, the list of contacts, and so on. They canalso incorporate different gestures.3 1.1 MAJOR TYPES OFECOMMERCE:There are several types of e-commerce which are groupedbased on the nature of the transactions: business-to-consumer (B2C),business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), consumer-to-business(C2B1)41. BUSINESS-TO-CONSUMER E-COMMERCE: In B2C e-commerce, businesses selldirectly a diverse group of products andservices to customers . In addition to pureB2C e-commerce players such as Amazon.

com, and hepsiburada.com othertraditional businesses have entered thevirtual marketplace by establishingcomprehensive web sites and virtualstorefronts.Someof the advantages of thesee-commerce sites and companies include availability of physical space(customers can physically visit the store), availability of returns(customerscan return a purchased item to the physical store), and availability ofcustomer service in these physical stores.42) Business to Business ecommerceBusiness-to-Business e-commerce holds electronictransactions among and between businesses. The Internet and reliance of allbusinesses upon other companies for supplies, utilities, and services hasenhanced the popularity of B2B e-commerceand made B2B the fastest growingsegment within the e-commerce environment.

In recent years extranets (more thanone intranet) have been effectively used for B2Boperations. B2B e-commercecreates dynamic interaction among the business partners; this represents afundamental shift in how business will be conducted in the 21st century.43.Consumer to Consumer:Using C2C e-commerce, consumers sell directly to otherconsumers using the Internet and web technologies. Individuals sell a widevariety of services/products on the Web or through auction sites such aseBay.com, and gittigidiyor.

com through classified ads or by advertising.44.CONSUMER-TO-BUSINESS E-COMMERCEConsumer-to-business (C2B) e-commerce that involvesindividuals selling tobusinesses may include a service/product that a consumeris willing to sell.Individuals offer certain prices for specificproducts/services. 4 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMNowadays,students and staff of tertiary institutions buy and sell both new and useditems, businesses within the school also offer services to. However, there areno web pages or application where staff can upload items for sale and alsopurchase items with in Nile University.  1.

3    AIM AND OBJECTIVESThe aim ofthis research is to design and implement a mobile application and webapplication that will provide students, staffs and businesses within NileUniversity and the country at large to sell and buy items online.  Thefollowing are the objectives of the project:1.    To design a user friendly mobile application(NileMarket) for students and staff of Nile University.2.    To promote the concept of reusability ofcommodities that are used by the students of Nile University.1.4 MOTIVATIONThemotivation for doing this project was an interest in undertaking a project thatenables me to bring together the different skills I have acquired during mydegree to create a project that will impact the school positively.

I am alsomotivated byt the opportunity to learn about new areas of computing not coveredin lectures. This Which I might study at postgraduate level.1.

5 SIGNIFICANCE OF THESTUDY  Lots ofstudents order items from various places, they also sell and buy some of theiritems. Students change phones, order food from restaurants and get otherservices within the school. However, there are no web pages or  programs where teachers students’ can uploadsome of their old or used items. There is also no platform that allows businesswithin the school to share information on their products (new and old), sale onitems, prices and also take orders using applications.Thisresearch study will develop a web and mobile application called “theNILE-MARKET” that will provide a platform for sellers(students/businesses)within the school to upload information as well as descriptions on items theywould like to sell.

It also provides a platform for businesses within theschool to build customer loyalty with in the school and for students to rateitems.The system willbe significant to the school because it offers: ü Easy Accessibility:Itwill be of great benefit to the Nile students by providing them easyaccessibility to a marketplace anytime and anywhere to buy and sell items within the school and also to buy goods from businesses with in the goods.ü Time Optimization:Thereare no time restrictions as to when user can put an item up for selling orbuying. It also provides businesses access to more customers in the school asnot all students will buy the products during day time.

 ü Allows nile businesses to build Customerloyalty and branding:Anecommerce site also provides sellers and businesses with in Nile university tobrand their items and build consumer loyalty. Businesses like the pizza inschool can sell their items and take orders online.üConvenience & Easiness:Around theworld, e-Commerce has become one of the preferred ways of shopping also withinthe school as it provides easiness and convenience.

Students are allowed to buyproducts or services from their home at any time of day or night.The best thingabout it is buying options that are quick, convenient and user-friendly withthe ability to transfer funds online. Because of its convenience, students cansave their lots of time by searching their products easily and makingpurchasing online.üOffer Product Datasheets:Consumers canalso get descriptions from product catalog. For your customers, it is very muchimportant to get information about the product no matter whether the time ofday and day of the week. Through information, studentscan make decisions topurchase products or not. 1.6 METHODOLOGY:In this project,the Agile software development approach will be used.

This is the most idealmethod for building an ecommerce site11.Agile software methodology describesa set of values and principles for software development under whichrequirements and solutions are well defined. It advocates adaptive planning,evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and itencourages rapid and flexible response to change12. These principles support the definition and continuing evolution of many softwaredevelopment methods. Most agile development methods break product developmentwork into small increments that minimize the amount of up-front planning anddesign. Iterations, or sprints, are short time frames (time boxes) thattypically last from one to four weeks.

13 eCommerceprojects are perfect for Agile development. Things generally seem to move alittle bit faster in eCommerce than in other areas. Priorities are constantlychanging to keep up with competition and customer trends and to leverage thelatest technology advancements to provide a rich experience11. You need torelease functionality early and often, then measure (through web analytics)what works, what doesn’t and iteratively refine it. It also generally more of aconvergence of business and technical SMEs.11Figure 1: AGILE SOFTWAREDEVELOPMENT CYCLE13:             1.7DEFINITION OF TERMS1.

    IEEE- Institute of Electrical andElectronics Engineers2.    The Institute of Electrical andElectronics Engineers is a professional organization It aims to provideeducational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering,and computer engineering.3.    SDK-SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT4.    A software development kit is a set ofsoftware development tools that allows the creation of applications for acertain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computersystem, video game console, operating system, or similar development platform.5.    PCS- PERSONAL COMPUTER6.

    A personal computer (PC) is amicrocomputer designed to be used by a person at a time.7.    C#- C SHARP an object orientedprogramming language from Microsoft.8.    MADLC- MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTLIFECYCLE 9.    API- APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE-aset of functions that can used to aid the creation of applications which accessthe features of an operating system, application, or other service.10.OS-OPERATING SYSTEM-The software that supports a computer’s basic functions, such as scheduling.

11.Ecommerce-Electronic commerce-buying andselling of goods and services, and transmitting data and other funds, over an electronic network.12.Digital marketing- Marketing  products or services using different digitaltechnologies  2. LITERATURE REVIEWTheElectronic Commerce (EC) is widely growing since the early 1990s as peopleexperienced ease and comfort of  doingthe transaction through the internet 5.Web services are more and morepopular, it is now a place where people do business and communication such asshopping, preparing contracts, doing negotiations. The rise of e-commerce haschanged the way the world does business .

The increasing importance of amarketplace is driven in by the ever-growing availability of Wi-Fi access, notonly within the home, but also in public areas, such as Nile University. Thesefactors have come together to create an environment which facilitates onlinepurchases at almost any time and anywhere. The online market continues to grow.All this provides many new opportunities for businesses and individuals to meetsells and as well as to gain customers. According to certain information6 70million Nigerians currently use the Internet with 67 percent of that numberbeing male users, and 45 percent being students.

In 2014 alone, Nigeria had 10million users, ranking 8 in the world as far as Internet users go.Users ofe-commerce sites are constantly exposed to privacy and security risks. Thesecurity and privacy policies put in place by owners of the platforms are ofteninadequate. This is because these proprietors focus on functionality andease-of-use.

Another issue posing risk on online shopping platform centers onweb retailers’ use of customers’ and visitors’ information. This actuallyconstitutes privacy risk. One aspect entails monitoring visitors’ andcustomers’ preferences through cookies without their knowledge. The other involvespassing customers’ private information to third party without their knowledgeor consent. Table 1. Popular e-commerce sites in Nigeria with their respectiverankings based on some indices 5 Site Rank in Nigeria Global Rank % ofvisitors* Daily time on site** How fast the site loads (secs) Jumia.com.

ng 71,098 97.1 22.21 Slow (2.253) Konga.com 12 1,861 98.0 16.52 Very slow (3.

765)jiji.ng 40 6,539 95.1 6.58 Very slow (3.164) Kaymu.com.

ng 51 9,698 97.5 4.54Average (1.872) Dealdey.com 54 7,494 98.0 23.48 Very slow (3.

86) olx.com.ng 7010,502 94.3 11.04 Slow (2.

352) Yudala.com 160 22,618 98.8 11.27 Very slow(8.527) Checki.

com.ng 219 27,012 90.6 7.47 Slow (2.

624) Payporte.com 297 35,95899.2 10.42 Very slow (3.477) Kara.com.ng 415 51,713 96.

9 16.29 Slow.Being awarethat there are privacy and security risks associated with the internetnaturally moderates a user’s behavior while online. For instance, 7discovered that putting third-party seals influence trust disposition. Thesuccess of e-commerce, as is the case with any technology, depends largely onits being accepted by potential customers.

Ecommerce acceptance goes beyondobtaining information from an e-commerce site, but also includes actualtransaction by purchasing from the site. In other words, acceptance goes beyondmere intentions; it actually entails transaction behavior. Web retailers desirebuyers and not just visitors who surf their pages 8. One factor which greatlydetermines customers’ acceptance of ecommerce is; Trust is fundamental toadoption of e-commerce. This is more so because online transactions have a highdegree of uncertainties associated with them. This makes building trust sofundamental to the growth of e-commerce Web retailers must integratetechnologies that provide security into their online retail platforms. Theseinclude authentication and encryption mechanisms, privacy seals anddisclosures, and firewalls. Escobar-Rodríguez 5 discovered that third-partyassurance seals, privacy and security policies influence perceived security.

Studies have shown that customers on e-commerce sites seek not only benefitsthat are utilitarian, but also those epicurean benefits. For instance,customers naturally would want to be able to compare prices of products andnavigate easily through webpages. In addition, they desire e-commerce siteswith visually appealing designs, which provide pleasurable online shoppingexperience. Navigation functionality has positive effect on trust. Ane-commerce site with good design layout guarantees ease of use. Studies haveshown that perceived ease of use of website, for instance, to access neededinformation increases likelihood to accept the site.

Providing necessarycontents and functionality is important to influence acceptance of e-commercesite. Relevant Information To enhance customers’ confidence to purchase theproduct a web retailer must provide adequate product information . Informationon products and services offered, as well as the procedures for transactionmust be complete and accurate. Insufficient information is a threat to acceptanceof e-commerce 4. Two important pieces of information are the privacy andsecurity policies of the e-commerce platforms. One of the antecedents of trustson e-commerce sites is perceived security. To make a purchase a customer musttrust the web retailer and also trust the e-commerce infrastructure. Fear ofprivacy and security risks can therefore be expected to reduce the tendency totransact online 7.

In other words. Providing relevant information is importantto influence acceptance of e-commerce site. Offering and Value Added Service Inorder to attract customers, web retailers often engage in sales promotion. Theprices of products are usually slashed during some periods of the year. InNigeria, the web servers of a popular ecommerce site almost crashed during asales promotion exercise, known as Black Friday. The amount of traffic had beenenormous. Providing value added services is another factor that can influenceacceptance.

For instance, provision of fast and effective feedback orintroduction of live customer service will particularly interest new visitors.      TABLE 1: POPULAR E-COMMERCESITES IN NIGERIA WITH THEIR RESPECTIVE RANKING BASED ON SOME INDICES.8  Onlinemarketing has become and will continue to become a full and complete businessmodel for other companies. Aspects that are attributed to the success ofecommerce sites are  namely, commitment,well-spent funds, an effective and persistent marketing and public relations,great products or services to sell, not selling of junk, great customerservice, efficient and pleasant facility, polished listings and photos, payingattention to details, and good recordkeeping (2006) 14.

Aside from jiji.com,olx.com and Netscape (2005), several other online companies have also emerged,including auctionfire.com (2005), and GTB MARKETPLACE (2017).

However, thecompetition is not only based on e-commerce and the use of the Internet, formany still use conventional methods in advertising and selling their productsand services, thus, points out the indirect competitors of ecommerce sites. Theindirect competitors o include online stores, retail outlets, physical auctionssuch as galleries, shops, boutiques, and estate sales, newspaper classified ads,radio and television. From this, I have decided to consider all this in thebuilding of Nile market.2.

1 ANALYSIS OF EXISTINGECOMMERCE SYSTEMS:Amazon.com, Inc Thecompany began as an online bookstore; while the largest brick-and-mortarbookstores and mail-order catalogs for books might offer 200,000 titles, anonline bookstore could offer more. Bezos named the company “Amazon”after the world’s largest river. Since 2000, Amazon’s logotype has been anarrow leading from A to Z, representing customer satisfaction (as it forms asmile); the goal is to have every product in the alphabet. Furthermore,Amazon’s initial business plan is unusual: the company does not expect a profitfor four to five years; the strategy is effective. Amazon grew steadily in thelate 1990s while other Internet companies grew blindingly fast.

Amazon’s”slow” growth provoked stockholder complaints that the company wasnot reaching profitability fast enough. When the dot-com bubble burst, and manye-commerce companies went out of business, Amazon persevered, and finallyturned its first profit in the fourth quarter of 2001: $5 million, just 1¢ pershare, on revenues of more than $1 billion, but the profit was symbolicallyimportant 14.Amazon.

com  provides users with the necessary informationwhen purchasing items on their website16. The site also includes reviews onitem details. Therefore, before user can sell or buy an item, user agree to theterms and conditions. 17 There are different transactions that can beperformed between  a seller and  buyer, there is no register fee applied as amember, but sellers are maid to pay a fee. For buyer registration shown below:Figure2 Amazon user registration18 Figure 2.

1 Amazon user registration18Userswill have a user ID and a password to continue selling or buying items.2.2. eBay Inc.With more than 88million active users globally, eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace,where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything. Founded in1995, eBay connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers andsellers, as well as small businesses.

Their collective impact on e-commerce isstaggering: In 2008, the total worth of goods sold on eBay was $60 billion $2,000every second16. Ebay.com is a very informative website.

The website similarto amazon also includes additional information such as reviews on item details.The website includes different categories as shown in the home page Figure 2.1, andproducts Figure 2.2 and item description Figure 2.3 ,2.4Fig 2.1 EbayhomepageFig 2.2 Ebay prodeuct  and price Figure 2.

3 Ebayproduct descriptionFigure 2.4 Expandedproduct details Table 2.5: Comparativeanalysis done on highly used ecommerce websites162.6 Summary of literature review:My literature reviewpresents the analysis of several existing shopping online websites. Itconsiders the features of different ecommerce systems up to the purchasingtransaction system on the website. From this, it can be concluded that there isno school in Nigeria and which has an ecommerce site. Therefore, the suggestionwas made to create an online Nile market shopping online system website tocombine all the different businesses within the school and allow users to sellits products. In this system, detailed information of the different productsshould be displayed by businesses with in the school.

The system will alsoprovide a feedback feature to provide an evaluation of the businesses in theschool as to how their products are doing .My literature review has consideredthe different ways of developing an ecommerce site based on past and availablework, I intend to consider all this while making my ecommerce site stand outsince my site is restricted to the school, it offers more convenience andspecialization to the students than any other ecommerce site. In thischapter, the various issues of concern for e-commerce have been reviewed; thetrustworthiness of an e-commerce site and the stages that have to be done bythe customer on online shopping. The chapter also has provided analysis ofexisting ecommerce sites within Nigeria and on a large scale the world.It also states that theidea of having an ecommerce site developed for the university has not been donebefore therefore, the of creating a system to do so proves useful. In thissystem, detailed information of the products sold by students and nilebusinesses will be displayed, and the project also offers room for customers toperform online transactions for nile students to operate cashless .

This systemwill also provide feedback as to what products students are interested in