Abstract has to know critic the media that

AbstractThis paper about critical discourseanalysis in media education.

Students have used mass media to help them tolearn. They get any information from it. Although mass media can help thestudents to learn, mass media also has a bad effect. For that, the studentsmust know how to critically mass media such as they know the theory of criticalpractice, critical media literacy and CDA in the education media.Keywords: DiscourseAnalysis,Critical Discourse Analysis,Media Education 1.IntroductionDiscourse Analysis is the term to learnhow the language used in the text,context,or something that exist in our life.Discourseanalysis has many fields for to learn like critical discourse analysis,discourse in media, discourse in medicine, discourse in politic, discourse incrime, and etc.But know, this paper focus on critical discourse analysis thatis about critical discourse analysis in media education.The society very closedto media.Almost all of the social activities have a relationship with mediaincluding in education.Although every society knows that media not only have agood effect on them but it has the bad effect too.As we know, media is growingfast and can influence the society fast from an adult until thechildren.Moreover, mass media has used in the education and the students learnabout their subject from mass media.This is where critical discourse analysiscan use.Media be attention because of the media that fast influence thesociety.The society has to know critic the media that use or know the criticanalyze about media especially media in education.There is the specific skillthat needs for interpretation the mediated text appropriately, it is where thesign of linguistic completely with visual code, auditory, video orhypertextual.But, the other skill needs for challenging ideologicalrepresentation that dominated by mass media, especially when they didlegitimize cultural oppression.It can call critical media literacy.


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